Kamos fought many brave battles against the Gargastans during the infancy of the Walsta Liberation Movement; for this, he is a well-respected magician within the ranks of the Liberation Army. Over the years, he has developed immense wisdom and strategical ability, and it is for this reason that he too was appointed as one of Leonard's chief advisors for top-secret missions.

He was actually against the idea of just going down to Fort Kadoriga to supress the Gargastan rebellion, but he cooperated for the sake of Walsta. It turned out that he was right in suspecting an ambush--he and his comrades were turned into stone and left for dead, which is what they would be had Denim and his troops not come along! After Denim saved him, Kamos gladly joined his troops, and is currently fighting to bring an end to the war.

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