For various reasons, Erig became irrevocably disillusioned with the state of Bacrum-Valeria, particularly with the way that Bishop Branta was running the country. As a result, he was quite eager to join the Valeria Liberation Front, an anti-Branta guerilla organization headed by Sisteena and Selye Foriner, when it first formed. As the movement grew and grew Erig moved on up in the ranks, gaining power, influence, but most of all, trust; he was even promoted to being a captain in the Valeria Liberation Front.

That is, of course, until Dark Knights Oz and Ozma were instructed to wipe out the Liberation Front following the Front's rescue of Priest Plancy Mown. The Dark Knights quickly discovered the Front's hideout at Fort Bodo, and were quite merciless in their attack, slaughtering nearly the entire Front. The only survivor that was present at Fort Bodo during the attack was Selye Foriner; Sisteena was with Denim and his troops, and Erig and a few of his troops were away on a secret mission.

In the following weeks, Erig and his troops joined up with Selye and continued to do the work that they had set out to do. They took refuge at Fort Kadoriga, until word got to Denim that there was "pirate activity" going on there. Denim heard, Denim came, and Erig took him to meet the "leader" of the pirates, Selye--shortly after, Selye and Erig joined Denim's troops.

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