Not much is known about Radlum except for the fact that he is rumoured to be from an ancient magical kingdom. Virtually nothing is known about this kingdom, but it is possible that Radlum is one of the only survivors. He is highly intelligent, and seems to know much about ancient lore and legends. Upon hearing rumors of the presence of Dragon Magic in Valeria, Radlum set out on a mission to find it because it is one of the few existing artifacts from his people. It is also incredibly powerful magic, comparable in strength and effect to the Forbidden Power that the late King Dolgare sealed away after defeating King Roderick of Brigantes.

Denim and his troops encountered Radlum on the second floor of Hell Gate, saving him from a vicious group of monsters. Afterwards, Radlum joined Denim and his troops to search for more Dragon Magic, and he is currently aiding Denim in battle against the Roslolian Dark Knights.

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