Wandering wherever the wind takes him, Yurist is at peace in mind, body, and spirit. Deeply in touch with nature and adept in the field of natural medicine, he is also an established poet. Though his weapon of choice in battle is the rapier, he is an experienced martial artist with a hybrid fighting style.

Most recently, Yurist's travels took him to the village of Tanba on the Fonte Continent. While there, he became good friends with one of the village's premier fighters, a warrior named Jan. Together, they helped preserve peace in Tanba despite the growing fears of global destruction at the hands of the god-like Sinistrals.

The situation changed greatly upon the arrival of Wain, a descendant of the legendary warrior Maxim, and his comrades. The group was openly fighting against the Sinistrals, and Jan assisted them in their efforts until Daos, the leader of the Sinistrals, employed some of his dirtier tricks. At the time, Jan was engaged to a woman named Sammy--Daos put a curse on her and possessed her body so that she went on a violent rampage that could only be subdued by Jan's death. Determined to prevent his love from hurting innocent people, Jan committed suicide to lift the curse on Sammy.

Greatly saddened by the loss of his comrade, Yurist joined forces with Wain and played an important part in overthrowing the Sinistrals and restoring peace to the world. Even in light of that success however, he recalls the huge cost of victory...

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