Adol Christian

Adol Christian is an unknown hero, a quiet and mysterious adventurer who excels at swordplay. His origin is somewhat of a mystery, but he eventually makes his way to a land called Esteria. Shortly after his arrival in Esteria, he meets a fortune-teller named Sara who tells him about an ancient but lost land called Ys. The knowledge and magic of Ys is contained in six books, which are named after the six great priests of Ys (Hadal, Toba, Dabbie, Messa, Gemma, and Fact). They disappeared along with Ys--by collecting all of the lost books, one could restore the civilization of Ys to its former greatness. Intrigued by this legend, Adol sets out to find the six books of Ys.

His quest takes him to various parts of Esteria, and requires him to demonstrate his fighting prowess on a number of occasions. After collecting the first three volumes, Adol heads for a mysterious tower called Darm Tower. Inside, he vanquishes many monsters to retrieve the last three volumes. With the six books reunited, a mysterious power engulfs Adol--it takes him to the land of Ys, an island floating in the sky.

Upon his arrival in Ys, Adol discovers that it too has its problems. A dark presence plagues the land; roaming freely, monsters terrorize the residents of Ys. Adol learns that he can save Ys by returning the six books to the shrines of their respective priests--with this knowledge, he sets off on his next mission. Though the adversity he faces in Ys is far greater than that he faced in Esteria, Adol rises to the challenge and succeeds in ridding Ys of the dark presence that has plagued it for centuries.

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