General Lune lives on an artificial world that is traveling through space. On this world, there are two races that are at war with one another to survive--the Orakians and the Layans. The Orakians are the technologically superior race while the Layan race is gifted with the ability to use magic and other supernatural powers. Lune is one of the top generals in the Layan Army, and he excels in both swordsmanship and magic skill--as a matter of fact, he often combines the two into one as a mystic swordsman.

During the original war 1000 years ago, Orakio banished Lune to a cryogenic prison in a remote part of the world. Lune had waited hundreds of years for revenge, and has since escaped. However, a more important concern arose. Lune's sister Alair, who had also been frozen with him, had been kidnapped by some unknown group. Suspecting the Orakians of the deed, Lune gathered his army of magicians and monsters and attacked a number of Orakian cities with force in an attempt to find his sister. However, a small group lead by a descendant of the Orakian Prince Rhys rescued Alair and returned her safely to Lune. However, Lune still held hatred in his heart for the Orakians and attacked the group until he saw the mystical pendant of one of the members of the group. It belonged to Laya, and as a matter of fact, the wearer of the pendant happened to be Laya's own sister, who had also been frozen away in a hidden region under a desert. Not wishing to fight against a relative of Laya, Lune decided to call off his armies and live in peace with the Orakians.

Since then, Lune has been living peacefully with his sister Alair. Alair decided to marry the descendant of Rhys, named Nial, and gave birth to a son named Aron. Aron is currently leading a group that seeks to find and destroy the dark force that tricked Orakio and Laya into fighting each other 1000 years ago.

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