Arris was a Sage of incredible wisdom, and he is known throughout the world for his intelligence. Having an affinity for politics, he served more as a leader than a magician; 15 years ago, he lead an army to defeat an evil empire. He established the Ishtarian Republic, a democratic country ruled by knowledge and compassion instead of by force. Under his leadership the Ishtarian Republic entered a Golden Age; however, one day he suddenly disappeared. The Republic remained in good condition for a number of years, but things got progressively worse after a while.

They worsened because of an up-and-coming politician named Hel Spites, and his "Crimson Guard." The Guard was lead by his son Kane and consisted of troops that were trained to be effective assassins. With the relatively large size and power of the Crimson Guard, Hel was eventually able to seize power over the Ishtarian Republic. It was believed that he was responsible for Arris' disappearance, but it was not clear how he could have captured the mighty Sage.

Before Arris disappeared, he and his colleagues created the Domestic Security Force, an agency designed to uphold law and order in a lawful way. Consequently the DSF became the chief rival of the Crimson Guard, who used more underhanded tactics to accomplish tasks. Ash Lambert, the captain of one of the divisions of the DSF, embarked on a secret mission with a few of his comrades to determine the location of General Magnus, a former military leader who was being accused of treason. During the mission, Hel Spites conspired to assassinate General Magnus when he was found and blame his death on Ash. He did this, and was able to gain full power over Ishtaria.

Ash and his companions began their quest to restore order to the land--even though Hel Spites ended up being assassinated, things continued to get worse as Dolf, the very son of Arris, took over. He seeked the Flames of Judgment, which he would use to rid the world of the people he held responsible for the disappearance of his father. Towards the end of Ash's quest, he found out the truth about Arris's disappearance. Hel Spites had tricked the DSF into capturing Arris--in fact, some soldiers of the DSF killed Ash's father, who was suspected of being a traitor!

Ash and his companions defeated Dolf before he could destroy the world with the Flames of Judgment--however, as Dolf died he still tried to unleash the Flames of Judgment. Ash used his sword, the Vandal Heart, to stop the Flames; however, he was sucked into the void in the process. Where is Ash? Will he ever return? Maybe...

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