Dupre hails from the legendary Kingdom of Britannia. In particular, he comes from Trinsic, which is known as the "Town of Honour." Trinsic is known for its valiant and loyal Paladins, of which Dupre is a consummate example. Skilled with a sword and possessing the ability to use white magic, Dupre set out on a quest to become the legendary Avatar when he heard that the world was in peril. The Avatar has the ability to excel in combat and magic, and is the only one that retrieve the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, a book deemed necessary to save the world.

His quest brings him through numerous towns and dangerous dungeons, and the pressure to keep on the path of virtue is high. Throughout the journey, Dupre must pass the numerous tests set before him--with his inner and outer strength, and with the help of his loyal comrades, he just might have what it takes to become the Avatar and lead Britannia into its Golden Age.

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