Not much is known about the origin of this man. He was found by the Church of St. Eva as an orphan, and the Church took him in and raised him. As he grew up, it became evident to the clergy that looked after him that he was some sort of "miracle man," having strange and mysterious magical powers. To repay the Church for its kindness, Ray vowed that he would use his powers to further the cause of the Church and the teachings of St. Eva.

As Ray learned more and more about his true power, he learned that he is of Dragonian blood, and therefore has the power to change himself into a mighty Dragon. He kept this power a secret so that no one would try to abuse his power. Throughout his holy journeys, Ray encountered another member of the virtually extinct Dragon Clan--he met and befriended Ryu, the Dragon Prince.

Though Ryu was Ray's friend, he held very different views of the Church of St. Eva, especially as he saw more and more corruption within it. Ryu decided to fight for his own beliefs and rebelled against the Church while Ray remained loyal to his guardians. Thanks to Habaruku, the High Priest of St. Eva's Church, Ray and Ryu ended up fighting each other in an epic battle which saw both of them change into Dragons to fight each other. Ray lost the battle, and before he died he entrusted Ryu with his remaining power, and wished him well, admitting that Ryu was right about the Church.

Ryu and his comrades went on to expose St. Eva's Church as a phony institution based on the worship of a demon named Deathevn. With the help of the Dragon God, Ryu and his friends were able to defeat Deathevn and seal the demon away forever.

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