Sheex was one of the top generals of Emperor Vandole, the ruler of a massive empire seeking world domination and the power to control the elements. Not only does he have the sword skills of a Knight, he has also trained extensively as a Ninja--therefore, his attacks are quick and powerful. Although Sheex's main role is to support and protect the Emperor, he carries out secret intelligence missions as well from time to time.

The most noteworthy of these missions is the one that took place in Tasnica, a kingdom opposed to the empire. Sheex kidnapped the King of Tasnica and disguised himself as an impostor. In this way, he was able to gather a lot of information on the activities of the Tasnica Knights and send it back to his comrades of the empire. For a long time, this greatly reduced the ability of Tasnica to fight against the empire. However, a group of heroes allied with Tasnica discovered the impostor, and Sheex fought against them once he was found out. Despite his many tricks as a Dark Stalker, Sheex was unable to defeat the heroes and was driven away from Tasnica Castle.

Sheex fled from Tasnica and reunited with his allies. They headed for the Mana Palace, on an isolated island in the southeastern sea. When the heroes made their way to the Palace to receive the blessings of the Mana Seed, Sheex and his comrades were ready and waiting for them. Determined to get revenge for the defeat at Tasnica, Sheex built a giant battle machine called the Aegagropilon. He designed the machine to attack swiftly and fiercely; the Aegagropilon could even create a shield to protect itself from magic! As much work as Sheex put into it however, he ended up losing to the heroes. Though he died in the battle, Sheex was able to distract the heroes long enough for his comrades to break the final seal to restore the Grand Palace, an ancient ruin filled with monsters.

Do the heroes have what it takes to unlock the secret of the Palace and restore some sort of order to the world? Only time will tell...

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