Kiefer is the prince of a far away kingdom named Estard. He is a bit restless by nature, refusing to spend his entire life within the well-protected castle walls. Though his father forbade it, he left the castle a number of times in search of adventure. Don't think that Kiefer can't take care of himself just because he was raised in a castle--he is actually a skilled swordsman as well, possessing a number of magical sword skills in his arsenal.

One day, he set off on a journey with a couple of his friends from a nearby fishing town named Fishbel. They explored a mysterious temple that lies north of Fishbel, and found themselves whisked away into the past to rescue foreign lands from disaster. On one of their journeys to the past, Kiefer and his friends discovered a wandering tribe called the Deja Tribe. Kiefer fell in love with one of the members of the tribe, a mystical singer named Layla. After a few nights of thought, Kiefer decided that he found his true calling--he was to be the Sacred Guardian of the Deja Tribe. After proving his worth in battle, Kiefer became the Sacred Guardian.

Serving as Guardian, he remains in the past. His friends continued on their journey to save the world, leaving him to fulfill his destiny. Though it was particularly hard on his father, the King of Estard eventually came to accept his son's decision.

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