Albeleo may look like a young man, but in reality he is hundreds of years old. He is extremely intelligent, and one of the three former students of the master Mage Rashidi--the other two are Saradin and Kapella. Throughout the years, he has worked diligently to perfect his arcane magic skills.

When Saradin rebelled against Rashidi and was turned to stone, Rashidi appointed Albeleo as the guardian of the statue. His job was to make sure that no heroes found out the secret of "Saradin's Statue" and tried to lift Saradin's curse. However, the Zenobian hero Destin Faroda managed to free Saradin from his bondage; Saradin confronted Albeleo soon afterward, and Albeleo lost the fight to Saradin. Albeleo did not die, though--he simply used his arcane magic to disappear and reappear on Dragon's Haven, an island just off the coast of Zenobia. He summoned allies and conquered the local residents in search of the legendary Dragon Magic, which he could use to defeat the rebels once and for all. He did not find the Dragon Magic, but he did find another legendary hero named Lexar who had found out about his intentions and brought his forces to Dragon's Haven to defeat him and drive him from the island.

Most recently, Albeleo has performed a "transmigration," or a change of body. With his new body, Albeleo would be free of his past history and could continue his search for the Dragon Magic. His quest for the Dragon Magic has brought him to the island of Valeria, where he is searching for the Dragon Magic in Hell Gate. He soon found out that the monsters and undead in Hell Gate were too strong for him to defeat alone--in fact, it was Denim and the Liberation Army that rescued him from certain death. Now, Albeleo is traveling with the Liberation under the name of Radlum. He is helping Denim in his fight against the Dark Knights, but what are his true intentions? Has he really changed for the better, or is he still up to his old tricks? Nobody knows for sure...

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