Strom is one of the guards in Endor, a castle town in a far away land. In addition to guarding the town from any monsters that may try to invade it, he also works as a mercenary for hire.

One day, a merchant named Taloon came to Endor and hired Strom to help him retrieve a legendary silver statue from a perilous cave not too far away from Endor. Strom went along with Taloon and was instrumental in finding and recovering the statue. Once the mission was complete, Strom went back to Endor and resumed his guardsman duties.

Lately, Strom has had to put his mercenary business on hold and devote himself full-time to guarding Endor due to fears of monster invasions brought on by the revival of the Ruler of Evil. While Endor is not in any particular danger, there are towns in the area that have been destroyed by monsters--therefore, the King of Endor does not want to take any chances. With Strom's help, Endor remains a safe and protected city.

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