Duran is a soldier from the far away kingdom of Forcena, where he is a loyal subject to the King. He helps to maintain order throughout the land, and is well-respected by all of the Knights of the realm. His one weakness is his explosive temper, which has gotten him into tight spots more than once.

One day, a mysterious "Scarlet Mage" named Koren appeared at Forcena Castle and wiped out virtually all of the Knights with his magic. Duran was one of the few survivors, and even survived a one-on-one encounter with Koren--after Koren escaped, Duran set out on a quest to find Koren, defeat Koren, and avenge his comrades. On his quest, he found two companions to accompany him on his journey.

Through many trials, Duran continued to hone his sword skills in his endless pursuit of Koren. With his companions, Duran came to realize that the focus of his quest had changed over time--while it started out as being a matter of revenge against Koren, Duran's quest began to focus more on the greater issues that were at hand. The Dragon Emperor had become a threat to the entire world, using magic to control Koren, the Queen of Altena, and even Duran's own father. Throughout Duran's quest, he encountered a Knight of the shadows called the Darkshine Knight--as Duran came close to the Dragon Emperor's lair, this Knight revealed himself as Duran's father. Duran and his comrades ended up killing the Darkshine Knight and releasing his father's soul; after a long and hard battle against the Dragon Emperor himself, it was the brave Forcenian warrior and his friends that came out on top.

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