Ortega was a legendary hero in his homeland, and he lived in a bustling castle town called Aliahan. He was loved by the people in his realm because of his valiant efforts to fight against the evil that threatened the world. Since he could not find a set of companions to form a party, he did the vast majority of fighting on his own.

One day he suddenly disappeared, leaving everyone around to speculate on what had happened to him. There were many stories that arose--in one of them, Ortega took on a fierce dragon on the top of a volcano. He slew the dragon, but as the dragon died it pulled Ortega with it into the volcano's lava. In another story Ortega fought a battle against a powerful sea serpent, but ended up drowning in the ocean. There were a number of these stories, and the one thing that they had in common was that Ortega had died.

Ortega had a son, and that son went out on an adventure with some companions to follow in the footsteps of his father. Ortega's son went on to accomplish many noble feats, including the defeat of the Archfiend Baramos, whose very existence threatened the safety of the world. Following that victory, the Master Archfiend Zoma made his presence felt by opening up the way to Alefgard, a land of eternal darkness. The son of Ortega entered the world of Alefgard, and decided to make Zoma his next target; after many trials, he was able to enter the castle of the Master Archfiend. Deep in the castle he encountered his father, who was very much alive and fighting alone against a fierce five-headed dragon called King Hydra. Despite Ortega's valiant efforts, King Hydra was too much for him--Ortega lost the battle, and died in front of his very own son.

The son of Ortega and his companions avenged the legendary warrior's death by killing King Hydra and ultimately attaining Ortega's goal, the defeat of the Master Archfiend Zoma. Later on, Ortega's son defeated a grand dragon named Divinegon and earned a wish--with that wish, he brought his father back to life. Ortega is currently living happily with his wife and son in Aliahan.

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