Leonard Leci Limon

As Duke Ronway's right-hand man, Leonard is the highest ranking officer in the Walsta Liberation Army. He tends to be a bit unemotional, but rational at all times. He is a brilliant strategist who will analyze every situation very carefully before making any moves. He is known as being a man of honor, who can keep his cool and make rational decisions for the sake of Walsta; for this, he is revered by the Walstanians. He was first rescued from the hands of Necromancer Nybbas by Denim and his troops. His unquestioning loyalty to his lord leads him into a sticky situation when he is ordered to massacre the villagers of Baramus. His role in the game is also determined by Denim's decision of whether or not to follow the order at Baramus. In Chapter 4 of the Law and Chaos routes, he, along with Zaebos, is brought back from death by Necromancer Nybbas. The only problem is that Nybbas fails to recall Leonard's soul...

If Denim decides to go along with the plan (Chapter 2L), Leonard remains on Denim's side. He maintains his rationality even after Duke Ronway gets reckless and over-confident, which causes major friction between Leonard and his lord. Eventually, Leonard is dismissed by Ronway because of his "cowardice," and he goes to Rime, where he intercepts Denim, who at the time was on his way to deliver a message to the Dark Knights from Duke Ronway. Leonard convinces Denim that Duke Ronway has been corrupted and is no longer fit to lead the Walsta Liberation Army, and the two of them go back to Amorika Castle to kill the Duke. While Denim and his troops are clashing with the Duke's forces, Leonard sneaks inside and kills Duke Ronway. Then, when Denim shows up, he tries to assassinate Denim as well and frame him for the assassination of Duke Ronway. But Vice shows up and saves Denim's life, killing Leonard.

If Denim refuses to go along with the Baramus massacre, (Chapter 2C) Leonard turns on him and goes and massacres the villagers anyway. Somehow, Leonard and Duke Ronway manage to frame Denim for the massacre, and Leonard disappears for a while. The next time he shows up is during the battle between Denim and Vice. He offers Denim a chance to rejoin the Walsta Liberation Army and fight against the Bacrum Army, and Denim's choice there further affects what happens to Leonard. If Denim refuses to rejoin (Chapter 3C), then Leonard is assigned the task of hunting Denim down and killing him. He manages to find and confront Denim at Coritani, but loses in battle to the Hero of Griate. Before dying, Leonard confesses that he was wrong for following the Duke and that only Denim can save Walsta from a fate worse than death--being controlled by the Roslolians, from who Duke Ronway was seeking help.

If Denim rejoins the Liberation Army when given the chance, though (Chapter 3N), then Leonard rejoins him. If Denim stops at Krizar on the way to Ashton, then he gets to go on a small sidequest which takes him to Fort Kadoriga to save Leonard yet again. After Denim returns from Ashton with the bad news about Guildus, Duke Ronway and Leonard plan a direct attack on Fiduc Castle. Ronway, Leonard, and their troops head over to Rime, where they take the Dark Knight Balzepho captive. When Ozma comes and rescues Balzepho, Leonard is diverted long enough for a seriously wounded Vice to take Ronway captive. Vice kills Ronway and is killed by Ronway's soldiers, leaving Leonard and Denim in charge of the Liberation Army. Denim and Leonard each lead a group to attack Fiduc, but Leonard is killed inside the castle by Kachua who has since then turned to evil.

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