Shelley Foriner

Shelley is the second eldest of Moruba's daughters. She was closest to her mother of the four daughters, and when her mother died she blamed her father. Like Selye, Shelley has the belief that victory is intrinsically good, and she would do almost anything to avoid defeat. When her mother died, Shelley could not forgive her father, for she saw her mother's death as a result of Moruba's weakness by losing his place to Bishop Branta. Shortly after Sisteena and Selye left to form the Valeria Liberation Front, Shelley left to join the fight, but on the other side--she joined the Bacrum Army. Under Branta, she becomes the lead magician of the Bacrum Army, and is sent on a mission to capture her father and bring him to Heigm Castle. She is just about to accomplish her mission when Denim, accompanied by her sisters, shows up (In the Law game, the only sister with Denim is Olivia) and saves Moruba. Shelley is defeated, and runs away if she is not killed. Not too long, she encounters Denim and Olivia in the town of Baramus, where after some touching family moments she joins the Liberation Army. Each of Moruba's daughters has their own problem--Sisteena strives to uphold her beliefs while lacking the power to enforce them, Selye struggles to decide whether to do what is right, or whether to do what is best for her cause, Olivia must constantly bear all of the responsibilities that everyone else ran away from, and Shelley, after alienating herself from her family, knows deep down inside that she must ask for forgiveness and reunite with her family someday...

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