Olivia Foriner

Out of the High Priest Moruba's four daughters, Olivia is the youngest and most admired by the people. While her other three sisters left in their own respective ways, Olivia stayed with her father and continued to serve as a priest of the Filaha Order. Her righteous acts as a leading official of the Filaha Order earned her a lot of trust and respect from the people. It is under her leadership that the Filaha Order was able to rescue Denim's father Plancy from the Dark Knights after he had been taken hostage during the massacre at Fort Bodo. After Denim comes to see his father during his last breaths, Olivia tells Denim about his true identity--that his last name is Mown and that he is Bacrumese, not Walstanian. Olivia then joins Denim's troops, and goes to Banhamuba Temple to find her father...

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