Selye Foriner

Selye is the eldest daughter of the High Priest Moruba, and like Moruba's youngest daughter Olivia, Selye used to be a priest of the Filaha Order, preaching about hope, faith, and other religious beliefs. But eventually she realized that there were immense limits to what she could accomplish through such an idealistic existence, and as a result, she left the Order to form the Valeria Liberation Front with her younger sister Sisteena. Selye has a reputation of being a great leader and an even greater fighter. While her sister Sisteena's goal is to preserve her own ideals, Selye's goal is progress--she is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve victory. Selye is more realistic and logical than Sisteena, and manages to make a lot of progress until the Dark Knights decide to wipe out the Valeria Liberation Front.

In the Law game, the Roslolians attack Fort Bodo (Chapter 3) after the Dark Knights Oz and Ozma were ordered by Lans Tartare to wipe out the Valeria Liberation Front. During that battle Selye single-handedly kills almost all of the Bacrumese soldiers, but is killed by the Dark Knights. This scene can only be seen in the Warren Report--Denim doesn't actually witness the massacre of the Front, because at this time, Denim and his troops are busy attacking Coritani Castle from the Brigania Plain).

In the Chaos game (Chapter 2), Selye makes plans to assassinate both Duke Ronway and Cardinal Barbatos, eventually killing Bishop Branta as well, with the goal of uniting Valeria once the corrupt leaders are gone. Sisteena strongly opposes this plan and leaves the Front (if she is alive--Denim, Forcas, and Byan must save her at Fort Damsa). Selye's plan works to the extent that Cardinal Barbatos is executed by Duke Ronway (another scene that can only be seen in the Warren Report). However, just when things seem to be going to plan, the Dark Knights wipe out the Valeria Liberation Front in the early part of Chapter 3. In Chapter 3 of the Chaos game, Denim and his troops arrive at Fort Bodo during the massacre of the Front, and Denim manages to drive the Roslolians away from Fort Bodo, saving Selye's life. She then joins Denim's troops.

In the Neutral game, however, things are a tad different. Denim and his troops arrive at Fort Bodo looking for Vice, who they think is in danger, but instead find the Dark Knights about to kill Selye. So in the N game (Chapter 3), Denim and his troops must fight an insanely difficult battle to save her (she is at the top of Fort Bodo with the Roslolians, while Denim and his troops are at the bottom--of course, the enemy attacks her first). If Denim manages to save Selye, she just runs off, saying that she will not fight under someone "who can justify the murder of innocent people" (a tad hypocritical). She joins some pirates instead, but eventually joins Denim if they ever meet again.

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