Sisteena Foriner

The second youngest daughter of the High Priest Moruba, Sisteena leaves with her older sister Selye to form the Valeria Liberation Front after their mother dies. While being second in command of the Valeria Liberation Front, Sisteena is far different from her sister in her beliefs. While Selye is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve victory, Sisteena is far more idealistic--she believes that victory at the cost of one's ideals is worthless, and she is willing to fight to the death upholding that principle. She first encounters Denim's troops at Rime, where she was captured by some Gargastan soldiers during a mission.

In the Law Route, Denim never sees her again after that first encounter in Rime.

In the Chaos game, Denim and Forcas hear about her being held captive by pirates at Fort Damsa if Byan survives the battle at Fort Kadoriga. Denim then gets to decide whether or not to go and rescue her. If Denim chooses to abandon her (for some obscure reason), she is killed by the pirates. If Denim goes to Fort Damsa and beats the pirates, Sisteena is saved, and Denim, Forcas, Byan, and Sisteena return to Fort Bodo, headquarters of the Valeria Liberation Front. After a discussion with Selye, Sisteena asks Denim about his beliefs. If he shares her beliefs--if he values his ideals more than victory alone, Sisteena, Forcas, and Byan join Denim's troops.

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