Byan Rozen Ohwn

Like Forcas, Byan is an extremely intelligent individual, and he was head of Bacrum's top magic school. However, he also had some conflicts with the policies of Branta, and left to join the Valeria Liberation Front. While on a mission with Forcas, he is captured by pirates and held at Fort Kadoriga. After Denim rescues Forcas, Forcas takes Denim to Fort Kadoriga, where Byan is being held. The battle to save Byan is extremely rough, since Byan is surrounded by enemies and not able to take much physical punishment. But eventually Byan is saved, and he alerts the others to the fact that Sisteena, their other comrade, is being held hostage at Fort Damsa. Forcas, Byan, and Denim's battalion go to Damsa and save Sisteena (if Denim so chooses), and as time passes, Byan too realizes that the Valeria Liberation Front is not for him. He eventually leaves as well.

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