Forcas Lida Rhende

Forcas graduated first in his class from the finest military school in all of Valeria, and he is known throughout Valeria for his splendid combination of strength, courage, and genius. Like all Bacrumese Knights, Forcas loyally served Branta. However, as Branta became more corrupt, Forcas decides that he does not belong at Branta's side, and joins the Valeria Liberation Front as a result. While on a mission for the Front, he gets captured by the Walsta Liberation Army and held in a concentration camp in Krizar City. In Chapter 2C, Denim rescues Forcas, and Forcas asks for his help, promising a ship ride to Rime in return. If Denim and Forcas save Forcas's comrade, then another scene opens up where Forcas's comrade, Byan, alerts the others to the fact that Sisteena is being held hostage at Fort Damsa. Although Forcas wants to go and rescue Sisteena, he remains true to his Knighthood, and puts his promise to Denim before his love for Sisteena. Denim though, (probably) decides to help save Sisteena, saving Forcas from having to make a really tough decision. As Forcas stays with Denim's battalion longer, he sees that the actions of the Valeria Liberation Front are not consistent with his goals and beliefs, so he ends up leaving the Front, before the Dark Knights destroy it...

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