Aloser Danya

Having the reputation of being the sharpest shooter in Valeria, Aloser was a welcome addition to the Walsta Liberation Army. Leonard Leci Limon is her boyfriend, and the two of them serve Duke Ronway very loyally until the Baramus Massacre, where Aloser's own brother dies at the hands of Leonard. After she finds out about the Massacre, she sets off on her own mission to find those who are responsible for the killings, and avenge her brother.

In the Law Game, Aloser becomes Denim's worst enemy. She is determined to kill him, and forms the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally with Vice, who had broken away from the Walsta Liberation Army just before the massacre. The Neo Walsta Liberation Ally gains popularity among the people very quickly, and not much time passes before it is as strong as the Liberation Army. However, Aloser's temper gets in the way of progress, as she goes against Vice's order not to attack Denim at Rime. As a result, Aloser loses to the Liberation Army and is killed, moments before Vice and Denim call a truce as the Bacrum Army invades Rime.

In the Chaos Route (Chapter 2), Aloser still attacks Denim, because she thinks that he is responsible for the Massacre. She loses, and Denim takes her along so that she can see his innocence. Once she finds out the truth, Aloser apologizes to Denim and joins his battalion. If Denim refuses to rejoin the Liberation Army at the end of Chapter 2 (the game would then go to Chapter 3C), then Aloser remains with Denim. Otherwise (Chapter 3N) she leaves the party.

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