Zapan Illudus

Money is the language of Zapan Illudus, as he is one of the more notorious mercenaries from the land of Walsta. It is rumored that he would not hesitate to sell his own mother if the price was right. He is hired by Duke Ronway, and his role in the game is significantly determined by Denim's choice at Baramus.

In the Chaos game, he makes his first appearance shortly after the beginning of Chapter 2. Every now and then, he pops up and causes trouble for Denim and Kachua, eventually taking Kachua hostage after she and Denim fall into a trap set by Vice. After some fierce battles with Denim, Zapan retreats into Amorika Castle, only to be betrayed and killed by the sadistic Vice.

In the Law Game, Zapan also makes his first appearance in Chapter 2, but on different terms. He is captured by pirates and about to be executed when Denim and Kachua, heading back to Amorika after the Liberation Army suffered a major defeat by the Gargastans, show up and save him (this battle being a LOT easier than the corresponding battle in the Chaos game, where Byan is the captive). He then offers his services (for a price, of course) to Denim--if Denim accepts, then he joins Denim's troops for the rest of the game. If Denim refuses, then Zapan goes to the Bacrum Army for work, being hired as a mercenary there. He shows up in Chapter 4 and ambushes Denim with some Bacrumese soldiers, but is easily defeated. Denim then has to decide whether to finish Zapan off or recruit him...

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