Nybbas Obderhode

Nybbas is definitely one of the unique characters of the game. Unlike his fellow Gargastans, he doesn't really care at all about the ethnic war between Walsta and Gargastan. He is not a very sociable person, and he tends to keep to himself; his servant do most of his dirty work, and thus he rarely shows his face. Denim first encounters Nybbas in Chapter 1 after saving Leonard, who was ordered by Duke Ronway to hunt down the Necromancer. Throughout the game, Nybbas has only one goal--to be the best Necromancer in the land. He is willing to sacrifice anything--morals, dignity, and even other people, for the sake of his work. His son Debordes was executed by the Cardinal for being in an anti-Barbatos group, but Nybbas did nothing to the Cardinal because it might interfere with his work. Instead, he used his dead son as one of the subjects for his unholy experiments; as a result, Debordes was resurrected as a member of the living dead--he is alive physically, but he lacks his soul. In Chapter 4, Denim and his troops encounter Nybbas again, but this time in his hideout, Hell Gate. Over the course of the game, Nybbas uses some other people in his experiments--Leonard and Zaebos in the Law and Chaos games, and Guildus in the Neutral game. After Nybbas is killed, he is resurrected by the power of the Undead Ring and gains great new powers. However, he is killed for good by Denim and his troops on the bottom level of Hell Gate.

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