Ramidos is a trained Summoner, and he has the power to call forth the undead, much like Necromancer Nybbas. With his undead army, Ramidos has the ability to hold his own with just about any band of Knights; however, he has a strange obsession with money, and is more of a bounty hunter than a high-level magician.

Shortly after Denim rebelled against Duke Ronway by refusing to participate in the Baramus Massacre, the Duke hired Ramidos (along with just about anyone he could get) to hunt Denim down and kill him so that the Duke could just blame the Massacre on Denim himself, should word get out that it was not the Gargastans' fault.

Towards the end of Chapter 2C, Zapan abducted Kachua, leading Denim on a chase to Amorika Castle. Along the way however, Ramidos and his buddies ambushed Denim in hopes of beating him and collecting a massive reward. Denim turned out to be a bit too much for Ramidos and his undead cronies, and as a result, Ramidos never has to worry about his bills again...

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