Mordiart was a loyal servant to Duke Ronway, earning himself a position of authority within the ranks of the Walsta Liberation Army.

In the Lawful route, Mordiart discovered Denim's and Leonard's plan to assassinate Duke Ronway at the end of Chapter 2, and he gathered some troops to protect the Duke. His efforts were in vain however, as Denim and his troops easily won the battle. Mordiart lost his life in the battle.

In the Chaos route, Duke Ronway placed Mordiart in charge of a band of ninjas whose goal was to hunt down and assassinate the blind swordsman, Haborym. Apparently, Haborym was at the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard some things that Duke Ronway didn't want the general people to know. Mordiart's unit chased Haborym to the icy Vahanna Plateau, when Denim and his troops were heading south from Brigantes to storm Coritani Castle (where Duke Ronway was said to be residing). Denim saved Haborym and killed Mordiart in the conflict.

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