Vepar was a magician who desired to master white and black magic. While black magic came to her easily, Vepar could not receive the gods' blessings in order to be able to master white magic, and therefore could not become a Priest; instead, she ended up turning to fairies and spirits for assistance, and became a "Searzist."

She was originally hired by Branta to lead a search team through Hell Gate and look for the legendary Dragon Magic, but Vepar soon discovered that there was something more precious to look for--the "Fire Seal." Embedded with the soul of a dragon, the Fire Seal represents power beyond comprehension, and it increases its bearer's abilities significantly. Upon realizing this, Vepar devoted all of her energy towards finding the Fire Seal.

Vepar and her troops ended up meeting with Denim and his troops on floor B25 of Hell Gate, and Denim and his troops cleaned house once again. Vepar did not survive the battle...

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