Deneb Rhobe

Deneb is a legendary figure in the realm of Zenobia--known for being extremely beautiful, intelligent, and dedicated to her research. She seems to have an infatuation with pumpkins, and uses them in her experiments; more than once, her experiments have produced monsters which wreaked havoc on the surrounding areas. For this reason, she is not overly popular in the land of Zenobia--in fact, she left for Valeria because of some trouble that she got in.

In Valeria, she runs a shop which sells many unique items; in fact, she carries magical orbs which can summon the powers of the goddesses. Since she has no permanent location for her store, she drifts about from place to place in Valeria in the search for more money to fund her experiments. Denim came across Deneb's shop by chance, and managed to persuade her to join her fellow Zenobians in the Liberation Army. As of the moment, that's where she still is.

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