Rendal is one of the few characters in Valeria that knows the workings and true potential of the "gun." He was trained in the southern continent of Barabauda, and he can use a gun as an ultimate long-distance attack weapon. He lives in Grimby City, a small city that the Dark Knights were using as a base to store the guns and other treasure that they found from excavations in sunken ships off of the coast of Valeria.

Due to the activities of some thieves operating in the nearby northern forest of Nimuraba, one of the strongest guns found by the Dark Knights ended up missing. The Roslolians were quick to blame Rendal and his fellow citizens for the missing gun, and the Dark Knight Martym was sent along with some Roslolian troops to get the gun back at any cost. He found Rendal and was about to kill him when Denim and his forces arrived in Grimby City. The Liberation fought off the Roslolians and rescued Rendal.

After Rendal told Denim the story about what happened, he asked to join the Liberation Army so that he would be safe from the Dark Knights if they should return to Grimby. Denim welcomed him into the troops, and Rendal is currently using his unique abilities to help bring an end to the war.

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