Ganb Backstein

Beast Master Ganb was one of the more loyal followers of Cardinal Barbatos, the leader of the Gargastan Kingdom. However, he has had trouble working with others in the past because of the way he acts and smells; for the most part, the best and only friends that he has are the beasts that he takes care of.

Ganb tried to kill Denim on multiple occasions, especially after Denim's troops killed his two favorite beasts, the Gryphons Belda and Obda. His attempts were in vain however, as Denim and his forces defeated Ganb every time. Shortly after Cardinal Barbatos' death, Ganb joined a group of thieves and began to live the life of a bandit.

Eventually Ganb crossed paths with Denim again, in the Nimuraba Forest. Denim had heard rumors that there were thieves raiding the nearby city of Grimby, and he was there to investigate. Another battle ensued, and Ganb ended up losing yet again--he surrendered to Denim on the condition that he spared his friends Belda Jr. and Obda Jr. The leader of the Liberation Army not only spared Ganb and his Gryphon friends, but also welcomed them into the Army's troops. Currently, Ganb is fighting alongside Denim and the Liberation Army to bring an end to the war in Valeria.

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