Plancy Mown

Plancy is of commoner blood, but unlike his brother Branta he did not strive for power--he was perfectly content being a Priest of Filaha. He was very respected among the people of Valeria, and his name was known all across the land. He is Denim's father and Kachua's adopted father, since Branta asked him to take care of her; together, they lived happily in the port town of Griate for quite some time.

One day, the Roslolian Dark Knights invaded Griate and slaughtered a lot of its inhabitants--they had come looking for Plancy, and they took him hostage, leaving his two children behind. It was not known whether Plancy was still alive or not; determined to avenge his father, Denim set out on a quest with Kachua and his childhood friend Vice, who had lost his entire family during the Roslolians' attack on Griate.

A lot of time passed, and it is not clear what happened to Plancy during this time; it is rumoured that the Dark Knights constantly drugged him and beat him to get answers out of him. The Valeria Liberation Front rescued him for a short while, before the Dark Knights retaliated and wiped out the Front, bringing Plancy back into custody. Plancy was eventually discovered in a small cave by the Filaha Order--the cave was a place where people with terminal illnesses were sent to spend their last days... The Filaha Order, led by Olivia Foriner, rescued him and brought him to Brigantes, where they barricaded the castle until Denim arrived.

Denim found out about his father and went to see him as he was dying. Plancy told Denim the truth about Kachua and everything else, and begged him to save Kachua and Valeria from the Dark Knights. He spent his final moments apologizing to his son for not being a better father...

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