Branta Mown

Originally from a commoner class, Branta managed to work his way up the ranks of nobility in Valeria. King Dolgare had an affair with a servant named Manafloa who eventually gave birth to a daughter, who Dolgare named Bersalia. Manafloa died shortly after, and Bersalia was left in the care of Branta and his brother Plancy; Branta told Plancy to secretly take the girl away from Heigm and raise her as if she were his own daughter (which is why she is called Kachua). Shortly after Plancy did this, Branta told the Queen and was rewarded by a promotion to Bishop, the highest-ranked religious official in Valeria.

In time, disaster struck the Overis Family--after Dolgare's son died in a freak accident, Queen Bernarta committed suicide. Dolgare himself was plunged into a state of inner turmoil because of these two incidents, and he desperately looked to find a way to resurrect his wife and son. He disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again; it was at this time that Branta called upon the Roslolian Dark Knights to help him seize the reigns of power and become the lord of Bacrum-Valeria. He couldn't become King of Valeria however, because the regions of Gargastan and Walsta were not under his jurisdiction; he had two main political opponents--Duke Ronway of Walsta and Cardinal Barbatos of Gargastan. He seemed to gain power as time passed, and after Ronway and Barbatos were assassinated he had no significant opponent to stop him from taking it all.

Except the Dark Knights, that is--by the time Ronway and Barbatos were dead, the Roslolians found out the truth about Bersalia, and were trying to get her on the throne. Lans Tartare advised Branta to step aside and allow the rightful heir to the throne of Valeria to rule the land, but Branta would not allow it. He continued to struggle to become leader of Valeria, and the citizens' resentment towards him grew even more. It was for this reason that he began searching for extra power such as Dragon Magic and the Forbidden Power.

Eventually Denim and his troops showed up at Heigm Castle and took it over, in an attempt to end the ethnic war and prepare to drive the Roslolians out of Valeria. Branta put up quite an effort against them, but without the Dark Knights' support Heigm fell to the Liberation Army--he tried to resist it, but he was killed in the process.

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