Moruba Foriner

High Priest Moruba is a devout follower of Filaha, and one of the most respected men in the land of Valeria. Over time, Moruba became more and more involved with the politics of the land, and ended up getting into a political "war" with Bishop Branta over which one of them would lead Bacrum-Valeria. Moruba ended up losing the battle, and his wife died shortly thereafter; his daughter Shelley left to join the Bacrum Army because she blamed him for her mother's death, and his daughters Selye and Sisteena left to form the Valeria Liberation Front to oppose Branta and his army. Only Olivia, the youngest of his four daughters, remained.

It seemed as if Moruba was really down on his luck, and was starting to doubt his faith; in an attempt to regain his faith, he made a pilgrimage to the western island where Banhamuba Temple (the Temple of Ishtar) was located. Olivia stayed behind and dealt with the business of the Filaha Order--her righteous acts gained her a lot of trust and respect.

Branta wanted to get a hold of Moruba however, because Moruba was supposedly the only person that knew the whereabouts of the "Forbidden Power," which the Cardinal wanted to use against the Liberation Army. Upon hearing of Moruba's pilgrimage, Branta sent Shelley with some troops to Banhamuba Temple to abduct him and bring him back to Heigm, where he would be forced to talk. Shelley and her troops managed to capture Moruba, but Denim showed up and rescued him shortly thereafter.

Since then, Moruba has pledged his support to the Liberation Army in hopes that they will put an end to the senseless ethnic war that is plaguing the land of Valeria. He is currently acting as Denim's advisor, and oversees every aspect of the Liberation Army except for actual combat.

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