Mutsua is known for being one of the more powerful Gargastan magicians, and a loyal servant of Cardinal Barbatos. He has a lot of power, and learned from Necromancer Nybbas himself how to summon the undead. During the initial battles between Duke Ronway and Cardinal Barbatos, Mutsua's undead armies gave the Gargastans a tremendous advantage over the Walstanians--let's just say that Mutsua racked up his wins over the many Gargastan-Walsta conflicts!

After Denim captured Coritani Castle in Chapter 3 of the Law Route, Cardinal Barbatos committed suicide to avoid the indignities of defeat. Barbatos' right hand man, Zaebos Rozenbach, took over what was left of the Gargastan Army. As Denim and his troops approached the Swanzi Forest on the way to reclaim Amorika Castle, Zaebos sent Mutsua to the Bordo Lakeside to deal with Denim. Of course Denim can handle the undead, so Mutsua's streak (as well as his life) ended at Lake Bordo.

Note that Mutsua only appears in the Law Route.

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