Oxyones Lavin

Oxyones was born in the village of Bask, which is located at the northern boundary of the Gargastan Kingdom. Although the people of Bask lived in the Gargastan region, they were very loyal to the sea god Bask, and refused to accept Cardinal Barbatos as their savior. For this outrage, the Cardinal ordered the Gargastan Dragoon Battalion, led by Jenounes, to wipe out the village of Bask. Barbatos was able to use the Dragoons in this way by convincing them that Bask village was full of anti-Barbatos terrorists, which were a serious threat to the peace of Gargastan. At this time, Oxyones was a mere child, and it is not exactly know how she survived the massacre--perhaps one of the Dragoons spared her. In the actual game, Oxyones appears in Chapter 4, if you bring Jenounes to the Brumor Plateau on the way to Hell Gate (since Jenounes only joins Denim's troops in the Law game, Oxyones only shows up in the Law game). At the Brumor Plateau, Oxyones appears with some Dragons and attacks Denim and his troops, trying to kill Jenounes and avenge her dead parents. However, her attempt fails, and she almost dies in the conflict. Denim and Jenounes spare her life, since Jenounes wants to help end the war and redeem himself before he dies, and Denim wants Oxyones to see how Jenounes has changed, and that it was not his decision to wipe out the village. Although Oxyones originally joins the party with the intention of killing Jenounes, she sees for herself what Jenounes is really like--how he is indeed a man of honor who regrets following the Cardinal and sincerely wants to fight for the right cause, and she decides not to kill him after all. Instead, they sort of become friends...

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