Jenounes Apatizer

Jenounes is the former leader of the Gargastan Dragoon Battalion. While the leader, he was a very respected and admired fighter, and he was well-known for his loyalty to his organization. However, Cardinal Barbatos saw that and used it to his own advantage--he sent out the Dragoon Battalion to take care of those who got in his way--namely, the anti-Barbatos Gargastans. While doubting the intentions of his leader, Jenounes followed orders, being forced at times to do things that he didn't want to do. Among those tasks was wiping out the village of Bask, where the villagers were loyal to the sea god Bask, not Cardinal Barbatos. Eventually, Jenounes was ordered by Barbatos to destroy a certain village of "terrorists." However, the "terrorists" happened to be some of his own men, who had refused to go along with Barbatos' "ethnic cleansing policy." Upon discovering this, Jenounes was enraged with the Cardinal, and vowed to fight against the Cardinal and his followers alongside the anti-Barbatos survivors. However, he was captured and imprisoned at Brigantes, awaiting execution by orders of the Cardinal. But Denim and his group show up at Brigantes during their plan to attack Coritani from the back, and Jenounes is saved. Jenounes then joins Denim's troops and fights against the evil that plagues Valeria. In Chapter 4L, Jenounes runs into the one survivor of the Bask Massacre, a 15 year old girl named Oxyones Lavin. After a long battle, he and Denim convinces her to spare his life until peace is restored to Valeria. So Oxyones tags along with them, and after a long journey decides not to kill the Dragoon. Jenounes only shows up in the Law game--Denim rescues him from execution by Zaebos in the Chaos game, but he doesn't have any significant role there.

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