Zaebos Rozenbach

Zaebos serves as the right-hand man of Cardinal Barbatos. He is an extremely intelligent, efficient, and loyal follower of the Cardinal, and as a result he is placed in charge of enforcing Barbatos' "ethnic cleansing policy" and also is a key player in the suppression of the anti-Barbatos groups. Zaebos is also known for his uncanny ability to get points across, even by executing other people. In Chapter 4 of the Law and Chaos routes, he, along with Leonard, is brought back from death by Necromancer Nybbas. The only problem is that Nybbas fails to recall Zaebos' soul...

In the Chaos game, he decides to execute some anti-Barbatos revolutionaries as a warning to Denim and anyone else who might be thinking of opposing the Cardinal. However, Denim and his troops interfere saving the hostages from being executed. Zaebos returns a little later to fight Denim one last time, but loses in battle and dies.

In the Neutral game, Zaebos and the remaining troops of the Gargastan Army gather together at Coritani to resist an attack by the Walsta Liberation Army. He happens to come across Vice, who is hiding from bounty hunters after Duke Ronway put a price on his head, and Zaebos, along with some other soldiers, capture him. However, the Liberation Army comes to Coritani and defeats the remaining Gargastan Army with ease. Zaebos is killed in the conflict.

In the Law game, Zaebos and his troops happen to be on a mission when Coritani is taken over by Denim's forces. After hearing the news of the Cardinal's suicide, Zaebos and his forces take over Amorika Castle, holding Vice as captive. Denim then returns to Amorika and defeats Zaebos, reclaiming Amorika.

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