Rayunder Barbatos

Cardinal Barbatos is the fearless leader of the Gargastan Army, known for his quick temper and drastic actions. As the leader of the Gargastans, he decided that he wanted all of Southern Valeria for Gargastan, and developed an "ethnic cleansing policy" with his right-hand man, Zaebos. This policy of Barbatos led to the ruthless slaughtering of about a third of the Walstanians, the rest of which were either placed in concentration camps or left to waste away in the slums. At the sight of this, some of the Gargastan citizens begin to criticize Barbatos, and eventually form an alliance against him. However, with the help of Zaebos and the Gargastan Dragoon Battalion led by Jenounes, Barbatos quickly and forcefully suppresses the anti-Barbatos groups. He remains one of the major obstacles in the path of achieving unity and peace within Valeria.

In the Chaos/Neutral games, Barbatos is executed by Duke Ronway in Chapter 2 after the Walsta Liberation Army takes over Coritani Castle. Many Gargastan citizens show up to his execution, and no one seems to feel sorry for him...

In the Law game, Barbatos commits suicide at Coritani Castle in Chapter 3, after Denim's forces take over Coritani Castle. One of the main reasons why Denim's forces were able to take over Coritani is because of the diversion that Vice and his forces create at the Swanzi Forest. Vice suffers some heavy losses and is captured and held hostage by Zaebos, but Denim's forces are able to complete the mission.

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