Haborym Van Rams

Haborym is the second son of one of the most revered people in Lodis, Major Volgras Van Rams. As a child he trained in the art of swordsmanship, while his older brother Balzepho became more involved in the politics of the Lodis Senior Committee. After a while, Major Volgras became suspicious of the actions of the Roslolian Dark Knights in Lodis, and he sent Balzepho to spy on them. However, Balzepho ended up joining the Roslolians, becoming one of the highest ranked officers. He began to thirst for power, and he heavily pressured his father and Haborym to support the Roslolians and give them freedom from the Senior Committee. However, Volgras and Haborym saw how corrupt Balzepho had become, and refused to support him. So as a result, Balzepho killed Volgras right in front of Haborym and had his younger brother framed for the murder of Major Volgras, one of the most respected generals of Lodis. When Haborym was convicted of this crime, the king of Lodis had him blinded and exiled from the country. The blinded Haborym followed the Roslolians to Valeria, hoping to find his older brother and kill him for his dishonorable acts. However, in all three Chapters of the game, the odds are stacked against him when Denim comes across him.

In the Chaos game (Chapter 3), Denim runs into Haborym at the icy Vahanna Plateau, who is fleeing from the Walsta Liberation Army unit lead by the sorcerer Mordiart. Here Haborym is attacked by a band of ninjas who make quick work of him, unless he is saved by Denim. If saved, Haborym joins Denim's group.

In the Neutral game (Chapter 3), Haborym is caught by Gargastan guerillas and held captive alongside Leonard in Fort Kadoriga. At this time, Duke Ronway has ordered Denim to go to Ashton City and investigate the rumor that zombies took over the city. If, on the way to Ashton, Denim stops at Krizar City and then goes to Fort Kadoriga, then he will rescue Leonard and Haborym, and Haborym will join Denim's forces.

In the Law game (Chapter 3), things are a little different. After reuniting with Vice, Mildain, and Guildus, Denim and his troops decide to attack Fiduc Castle, where the Roslolians were stationed. On the way to Fiduc, Denim passes through the town of Rime, which is currently under Bacrumese control. The city has since been placed under a heavy curfew, and the Dark Knight Ozma just happens to find Haborym wandering around beyond the curfew. Of course, she and her troops attack him, and Denim, Vice, and the rest of Denim's troops show up to save the blind swordsman.

In Chapter 4, Haborym reveals his true identity as a "Double Agent" and explains to Denim his plans for revenge against his brother Balzepho.

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