After years of loyal service, Payton was promoted to a Commander, and was put in charge of a battalion in the Walsta Liberation Army. As a higher-ranking officer, Payton also serves as one of Duke Ronway's military advisors. Due to his military genius, it is no wonder that Payton is spared and put in a position of authority even after Duke Ronway dies at the hands of Leonard in Chapter 2 of the Law game. Payton, along with Vice, leads the Walsta Liberation Army into the Swanzi Forest in Chapter 3, attempting to distract the Gargastan Army long enough for Denim and his group to launch a sneak attack on Coritani Castle. Denim accomplishes his mission, but Payton and Vice suffer heavy losses and are taken hostage by Zaebos, the right-hand man of Cardinal Barbatos. Denim saves them though, and they join Denim's troops.

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