Due to her energy and wisdom, Festa was appointed by Duke Ronway to be the commander of the Second Infantry Unit of the Walsta Liberation Army. Once the Walsta Liberation Army began to gain power over the Gargastan Army, Festa was then reassigned to escort Leonard on some top-secret missions.

She was very supportive of the neutrality treaty between the Walsta Liberation Army and the Roslolians--hence, she became very annoyed with Denim after he killed Oz, one of the higher-ranking Dark Knights, at the battle of Fort Bodo. Despite pleas from Leonard, Festa attacked Denim, calling him a traitor; in reality, she was very worried that the Roslolians would invade and massacre Walsta as a result of Oz's death.

Denim and his troops caught up with Festa and her comrades at Fort Kadoriga, where the remaining Gargastan soldiers were putting up a fight. Festa and her comrades had been turned to stone by a secret spell, and were sitting ducks in the conflict; fortunately, Denim managed to save the day, saving Festa's life in the process. She joined Denim's troops afterward, and is currently fighting to bring an end to the war.

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