Guildus W. Burn

Like Mildain, the Xanadu-born Guildus is one of the White Knights sent along to help Lans, Warren, and Canopus on their journey. During the attack on Rime, Guildus fought bravely against the Dark Knight, Martym, but was eventually captured.

In the Neutral Route, Guildus died at Rime either by the hand of Martym or by some other unknown cause, and is resurrected as a Death Knight by Necromancer Nybbas. Denim, Mildain, and Canopus release his soul. The battle against Guildus as a Death Knight at Fort Damsa was another of the most painful moments of the game for me, next to Vice's execution in the C game. Mildain and Guildus are a team, and the loss of Guildus was a tremendous loss that was rather unnecessary.

In both of the other games, Guildus is imprisoned in the Rime concentration camp with Mildain and Warren, but escapes along with the other two to be reunited with Denim's Battalion. Guildus is a very light-hearted person who thinks that the world would end if it weren't for good wine and girls. He and his buddy Mildain follow the Holy Knight Lans everywhere.

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