Vice Bozeg

Vice is Denim's best friend. Like Denim, Vice's role in the game is vastly determined by which path Denim takes in Baramus.

If Denim refuses to go along with the Duke's orders, then Vice does, becoming evil and gaining a new sadistic look. Personally, I think that they should have had a third guy in this game, so one always did go along with the Duke's plan and one always went against it. It seems rather odd to me that Vice could have such a drastic character change in such a short time. It also seems odd to me that Vice would throw away one of his few friendships (with his best friend for that matter) so easily. There should have been a third guy who was more consistent with this sadistic form of Vice. If Denim refuses to rejoin the Liberation Army at the end of Chapter 2, then Vice goes on to plot the assassination of Duke Ronway and the Dark Knight Lans with Branta. Ronway is betrayed by Vice and is murdered, Lans survives with the help of the Dark Knights Oz and Ozma, and Vice begs for his life. Lans Tartare lets him go and Vice returns to Heigm, only to be betrayed by Bacrum and executed. I thought that that scene for was one of the saddest scenes in the game. I happen to like Vice (the good one, anyway), and I really wasn't happy with what happened to him here. I mean, for crying out loud, I would never let myself be hung--I'd rather die fighting.

If Denim does rejoin the Liberation Army at the end of Chapter 2, Vice leaves the Army. As a result, Duke Ronway put a bounty on Vice's head, and branded him as a fugitive. Vice was captured by the Gargastans and beaten up badly; Vice barely escaped with his life. Just as the Walsta Liberation Army is about to attack Fiduc Castle, Vice assassinates Duke Ronway in Rime. Consequently, he also dies, at the hands of Ronway's soldiers.

If Denim decides to go along with the Duke's plan at Baramus, Vice is a completely different character. He becomes a good guy, and forms the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally, a group fighting against the Walsta Liberation Army and the Gargastans. He vowed to make Denim pay for what happened in Baramus. Archer Aloser Danya joined Vice's troops, but dies at the hands of Denim after she loses her self-control and tries to kill him. After the major battle between the Walsta Liberation Army and the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally (really a battle between Denim and Vice), Vice decided that Denim is not the enemy and formed a temporary "cease fire" with Denim just before the Bacrumese forces invaded Rime. Vice basically saved Denim's life at Amorika, and becomes a major officer in Denim's battalion once Duke Ronway is assassinated. He leads the direct attacking squad in the Swanzi Forest, and suffers some heavy losses, being taken prisoner by Zaebos Rozenbach, Barbatos' right-hand man. Eventually Denim rescues him though, and he, along with the two White Knights and some other assistants, joins Denim's group of soldiers. In this route, Vice is one of my favorite characters, and this seems to be a more realistic change for him, as opposed to his other self on the other paths.

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