Chapter Two: Nobody should blame me

Table of Contents

Introduction Scene 17L: Tanmas Hill
Scene 13L: Baramus Scene 18L: Amorika Castle
Scene 14L: Zodo Marsh Scene 19L: Gruborza Plains
Scene 15L: Ashton Scene 20L: Rime
Scene 16L: Fort Kadoriga Scene 21L: Amorika


Three weeks have passed since the Baramus Massacre... As Duke Ronway expected, the Walsta Liberation Army is united and are determined to avenge the peoples' death in Baramus. They have successfully liberated several regions from the Gargastan government. Although the massacre created the unity of the Walstanians, it did not give enough impact to make the Anti-Barbatos groups revolt against the Gargastan government.

Due to the fact that Vice and his comrades, who are now participating in underground guerilla activity, had spread the truth to the Gargastans, the movement in Gargastan was not what Duke Ronway had expected. With each passing day, the Gargastan party solidified. On the border linewhere the Barnam Mountains lie, the war between Gargastan and Walsta has come to a total standstill. Duke Ronway knew he had to take Coritani Castle before the truth is revealed to his own army. He decided to take drastic measures. Denim was given the order to attack Coritani to rile the enemy. Denim went to Baramus...

Scene 13L: Baramus

As we begin the chapter, we see Denim and Kachua preparing for action at the outskirts of Baramus. They are happy that they managed to sneak through without being noticed by the Gargastan troops. Before moving out, they recall a previous meeting that they had with Duke Ronway...

In the meeting room at Amorika Castle, Duke Ronway is planning to take an offensive stance against the Gargastan Army. Leonard stronly opposes this idea, as he feels that the Walsta Liberation Army is still not strong enough to stand a good chance against the Gargastans. The Duke plans to carry out his plan by first sending a unit to occupy Baramus and then attacking Coritani from the side. Leonard asks Ronway what will happen if the Gargastan Army doesn't divide in half to fight the Walstanians on both fronts, and Ronway replies by saying that Denim's unit will act like it is going to attack Coritani, but rather it will occupy the port town of Ashton instead. Leonard still has his doubts, but the Duke assures him that good will come out of the plan--if the main objective is not met, they will at least be able to weaken the Gargastans' supply line.

Back to the present scene in Baramus, Denim gives the order for his troops to attack the Gargastan soldiers.

Battle 12L: Baramus

Objective: Kill all enemies!
Enemies: 2 Gryphons, 1 Thunder Dragon, 1 Hawk Man, 3 Wizards
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
Guests: Kachua
  • This battle is not very difficult at all--you have a tremendous height advantage over most of the enemies, and if you have some characters with bows or magic you'll be able to severely weaken if not kill all of the enemies before they get within attacking range of you.

  • The enemy Hawk Man has a Crossbow, which you can't buy yet. It's advisable to try and persuade him to get it; his loyalty towards his side is quite low, so it should be fairly easy to do.

Denim: We will charge straight through the Zodo Marsh!

Scene 14L: Zodo Marsh

Galva: Are you Denim, the hero of Griate? So the rumor of the Liberation Army troops being at Baramus is true! (to Soldier) Tell our lord of this situation immediately! Go now! (Soldier leaves) My men, Gargastan's future depends on this battle! We have to stop them no matter what! Time is of the essence! Come!

Battle 13L: Zodo Marsh

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Galva
Enemies: 1 Octopus, 2 Hawk Men, 2 Archers, 2 Soldiers
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
Guests: Kachua
Galva: God...please watch over my people...arghh!
Denim: Let's move on to Ashton! Don't fall behind!

Scene 15L: Ashton

Nadia: Walstanian! Are you trying to take over this town?! I'm afraid I can't let you do that! I will never be defeated by a person who would sacrifice their own people just to accomplish their selfish goal!

Battle 14L: Ashton

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Nadia
Enemies: 1 Golem, 1 Red Dragon, 3 Knights, 3 Witches
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
Guests: Kachua
Nadia: God...are you forgiving them? Curse them and please save us...

Meanwhile, at Amorika Castle, Duke Ronway is preparing to launch the main offensive against the Gargastan Army. Leonard asks the Duke to wait a little longer before deploying troops because they have not yet confirmed that the Gargastan troops have divided in half. Ronway tells Leonard not to worry, but Leonard warns him that the stakes are far too high to act recklessly. Duke Ronway tells Leonard to watch his tongue, and tells a messenger to give the order to attack at dawn. Leonard protests again, but Ronway tells him to shut up and get out--not saying another word, Leonard obeys him and leaves.

(back at Ashton, Denim is trying to leave the city when he finds his group surrounded)

Aloser: You're Denim! I have been looking for you. You will die!!
Denim: Challenge me, you stupid Gargastan soldier! You fell directly into our trap!
Aloser: I'm not a Gargastan soldier! I'm going to pay you back ten fold for what you did in Baramus!
Denim: Baramus?! Then you're a Walstanian?!
Aloser: Filthy bastard! I will tear you apart with my bare hands for killing my brother!

Battle 15L: Ashton

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Aloser
Enemies: 2 Hawk Men, 1 Wizard, 1 Cleric, 2 Valkyries, 1 Soldier, 1 Amazon
Union: Neo Walsta Liberation Ally
Guests: Kachua
  • The enemy Wizard has AcidRain, in case you feel like persuading him to get it a bit early.

  • The Cleric has Vitalize, and will drop it when defeated.

Denim: There is no sense in fighting each other! This will only allow our real enemy a chance to win!
Aloser: Do you take me for a fool? Don't play innocent! I know you took part in the massacre!

Aloser: My brother injured his foot while working in the mines. He couldn't even walk. And yet you guys...
Denim: I had no choice...we would eventually be defeated by the Gargastans. That was the only way to get the Walstanians to band together!
Aloser: Now you are justifying your crime?! I'm not going to stand here and listen to your lies!! You did exactly what Gargastan and Bacrum would have done! This war is merely a fight of those greedy nobles seeking power. Nobody asked us what we wanted!
Denim: I never wanted power. All I wanted to do was bring Walsta a better future!
Aloser: What?! By ignoring the people's will and sacrificing their souls? What kind of a future is that?! Power hungry nobles claim that this is an ethnic war. They claim that war is the only solution. Bullshit! We don't want to be controlled by the nobles. We never asked for it! And you! You dog of the nobles! You don't deserve to live! Go to Hell!
Denim: It's a shame that I can't get through to you, but I can't die here...

(when Aloser's HP gets low)
Aloser: Shit... (to her troops) Retreat, retreat! (to Denim) I haven't failed! Somebody will eventually kill you anyway! It is your destiny!
Denim: I don't think so! Now that Barbatos is dead, you guerillas are the next to be defeated!
Aloser: Next? Did you say "next?" Even if Duke Ronway was defeated at Swanzi?
Denim: ?! That cannot happen!
Aloser: Oh, I guess you hadn't heard...both armies suffered losses but Walsta was the one who lost. Either way, it's the end of Walsta's Liberation Army. From now on, I will lead the people! (escapes)

Denim and Kachua find an empty ship at Ashton's port. Denim suggests that they head for Amorika Castle, but Kachua recommends that they leave the island. She is scared that they will be hunted down and killed, but Denim is interested in returning to Amorika to find out the truth. Kachua tells Denim about a dream that she had in which she is all alone, and Denim reminds her that it is not reality, but only a dream. Denim promises Kachua that he will always be there for her, and Kachua asks Denim to promise her that everything will be all right...

Scene 16L: Fort Kadoriga

(when Denim and his comrades arrive, they see a man being surrounded by a group of pirates)

Dasa: Who are you guys?! What do you want! (pointing to the man who is surrounded by pirates) came to get him? Well, that's not going to happen! His head is worth 5,000 Goth. I'm not going to give him away so easily! (to his troops) Hey guys... Kill 'em! Kill 'em all!

Battle 16L: Fort Kadoriga

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Dasa (drops Guard Whip)
Enemies: 2 Soldiers, 2 Ninjas, 1 Amazon, 1 Cockatrice
Union: Pirate
Guests: Kachua, Zapan
  • While saving Zapan is a lot easier than saving Byan in the parallel battle in the Chaos Route, you still need to keep on your toes as far as getting him out of harm's way is concerned.

  • The enemy Ninja and Amazon each have a Matou Claw, in case you feel like getting one or two of them. It's the strongest weapon you'll be able to get until Chapter Three, and you'll have to persuade the enemies to get it.

  • Even though you may be in a rush to kill Dasa in order to save Zapan, you definitely want to kill the enemy Cockatrice. It drops the Undead Ring, which will allow you to turn one of your high-level magicians into a Lich later on.

Dasa: Damn it! I should have never underestimated... (dies)
Zapan: I'm saved...thank you very much!
Denim: Who are you? He said you have a price on your head.
Zapan: I'm not a criminal. I'm a Walstanian. I was a hired soldier of the Liberation Army. That's why they put a price on my head. Then my employer died in Swanzi...I haven't even been paid yet.
Denim: So the news of the Duke's defeat in Swanzi is true!
Zapan: I thought you were on the way to Amorika Castle. We suffered many losses. We probably deserved it. Besides, Duke Ronway is not dead. Anyway, I have to get back to Amorika and get paid. Aren't you going there too? Hey, why don't you hire me? I'll give you a good deal. How's 500 Goth?

Denim:1. Okay.
2. Sorry...

Denim: Okay. I need all the help I can get.
Zapan: You have yourself a deal. Don't forget my 500 Goth. Don't worry, I won't charge you in advance. Once we get to Amorika, we can get the money from Ronway.

Join up!


Denim: Sorry... I can't hire anyone who believes in different ideals in good conscience...
Zapan: That's too bad. I thought we could get along. Well, I guess this is it then. We can meet again somewhere. Anyway, see you later.

Scene 17L: Tanmas Hill

Wynoa: Damn! I didn't expect to be found by the Liberation Army so soon. I wanted to avoid a battle. Sorry kid, but I have to kill you. I can't let you report to your superiors that you found us here.

Battle 17L: Tanmas Hill

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Wynoa
Enemies: 2 Ninjas, 2 Knights, 2 Red Dragons, 1 Witch, 1 Cleric
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
Guests: Kachua
  • Wynoa has a FireOrb and will probably use it on her first turn. Depending on the levels of your characters, it may not hurt you at all or damage you severely. Just as preparation, it would be wise to bring an extra healer or two.

  • One of the Red Dragons will drop a FireOrb when defeated.

Wynoa: I never thought that the Liberation Army had this much strength...

Scene 18L: Amorika

Duke Ronway is happy to see that Denim and his group made it back to Amorika safely. Kachua asks Ronway what he will do now that he's lost the war, but the Duke denies that they have actually lost the war. He says that it is time to call out the "big troops," when Leonard asks him what "big troops" he has. Ronway asks Leonard if he has a better idea, and Leonard begins to sum up what has happened--while Denim has been successful at holding a battalion against the Gargastan Army, more and more soldiers are leaving the Walsta Liberation Army. Duke Ronway sarcastically says "Listen to his tale of woe," and Leonard takes exception to that, saying that Walsta will never achieve its goal of a better future unless the Liberation Army develops a concrete plan and prepares thoroughly for battle. Ronway again tells Leonard to watch his mouth before Denim breaks up the argument.

Ronway finally admits that the Liberation Army does not have enough troops, and decides that he will ask the Dark Knights for reinforcements. Leonard strongly opposes this, saying that they do not want to repeat history--Bacrum will end up ruling over Walsta again, and guerilla groups like the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally will have a chance to grow. Ronway asks Leonard what his plan is, and then decides that he doesn't want to listen to Leonard anymore--he asks Denim to take a letter to the Dark Knights. Leonard asks Ronway to reconsider, and the Duke calls him a coward and tells him to leave the room; as Leonard storms out of the room, Duke Ronway asks Denim again to deliver the letter to Lans Tartare. Denim says that he will follow the order.

If you have Zapan among your troops, there will be a little scene in the main corridor of Amorika Castle as Denim and Kachua are leaving. Zapan runs up and says that he will go with Denim to Fiduc Castle. Denim asks why he is so eager to go, and Zapan says that the Duke offered to double his money if he went along. Denim tells him that the trip will be dangerous and that he does not have to go, but Zapan says that he's not too scared--besides, if he goes along, he'll have something constructive to do in addition to being able to ask for even more money!

Note: The shops will now have some new items. This might be a good time to upgrade your equipment!

Scene 19L: Gruborza Plains

Gasun: Say...are you the hero of Griate? I was looking for soldiers who want to leave the Liberation Army. But I guess you would never do that.
Denim: Are you a member of the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally?
Gasun: Yes. I knew someday we would end up fighting each other. I never thought it would be this soon... (to his troops) Listen, comrades. That kid is Denim. He helped wipe out Baramus. He trashed his own ideals and gave into his own selfish ambitions. We are not afraid to die for our beliefs. Show him our courage!

Battle 18L: Gruborza Plains

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Gasun
Enemies: 2 Wizards, 2 Soldiers, 2 Amazons, 2 Gryphons
Union: Neo Walsta Liberation Ally
Guests: Kachua
  • Kill the Gryphons--one will leave an Undead Ring behind!

Gasun: You...cowardly dog...

Scene 20L: Rime

Denim and Kachua arrive in Rime, and immediately head for the building where Lans Hamilton is staying. When they get into the building they find Leonard, not Lans--Leonard had asked the Holy Knight to leave for a while so that he could talk to Denim. He tells Denim about how the Walsta Liberation Army is on the verge of corruption, and how those who did not die in Swanzi now want to leave the Liberation Army. Leonard then asks Denim if he knows why this is happening, and then says that it is because Duke Ronway has become as corrupt as those he is fighting against. He goes on to say how bad of an idea it would be to ask the Dark Knights for assistance, and that he is very disappointed with the current situation. Leonard says that it is time for a new leader--a leader like Denim!

Both Denim and Kachua ask Leonard if he realizes what he's saying, and he says that he does. Kachua tells Leonard that he just can't kill the Duke, but Denim begins to agree with Leonard, saying that the Duke is not fit to lead the Liberation Army anymore; corruption is spreading, and the Liberation Army is falling apart. Leonard reaffirms his belief that Denim should be the new leader, and asks Denim if he is willing to accept the responsibility. At this point, Denim has a choice:

Denim:1. It's my destiny.
2. No, I don't.

1 is preferable to your Law-aligned characters, but regardless of which one you choose, Leonard will ask you to return with him to Amorika to kill Duke Ronway.

As Denim and Kachua are leaving Rime, they find themselves being confronted by the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally!

Vice:...Long time no see. Never thought I'd see you here.
Denim: Vice, why have you come to this town...?
Vice: I came to ask for help from the Holy Knight, but he is not here.
Aloser: Vice, let me kill him!
Vice: No, Aloser...I can't afford to lose any more men right now.
Aloser: But they are the core troops of the Liberation Army.
Vice: ...That's what Gasun claimed and he is dead now. So put your sword down...
Kachua: Aloser? Vice, then you are...?!
Vice: Don't worry, Kachua. I am not your enemy.
Aloser: I will not forgive them! I will avenge my brother's death!


Battle 19L: Rime

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Vice
Enemies: Aloser (drops Revivify), 1 Soldier, 2 Knights, 1 Wizard, 2 Valkyries, 1 Cleric
Union: Neo Walsta Liberation Ally
Guests: Kachua

  • Be prepared for a really rough time here--though the enemies are relatively strong, your biggest problems by far are Vice and Aloser with their bows. Together, they will make quick work of your characters unless you've got a significant level advantage. Sorry to all of you Aloser fans, but you've got to kill her if you want to get Revivify. I recommend taking her out as soon as possible!

Aloser: You power-craving demon. I will teach you!
Vice: Shit! She started a battle. Stupid bitch! Pull your troops, Denim! There is no need for us to fight! I now know that you are not the enemy. It's the Duke that has manipulated everyone! He doesn't care about the people's liberty. He just wants to create his own kingdom. He even sacrificed his own people to achieve his selfish ambition. The ethnic war itself was his plot! Our true enemy is anyone who ignores the people's will and uses the people as a tool!
Denim: Vice, your words are're running away from the reality of the situation. How could you possibly understand?!
Vice: Me, running away? You're the one who is running away! You don't even hold on to your own beliefs. You gave into reality just as easily, Denim. Even if your dreams seem impossible to achieve, you still have to chase those dreams with an even greater tenacity. But you gave up! You took the immediate benefit and threw away your beliefs and dreams.
Denim: That is not true! I never gave up my beliefs! The ideal world doesn't come overnight. You have to do what you can, little by little! But you are ignoring that side of reality and are forcing the people to accept change without compromise. Don't be too hasty. We must take our time! We will change the world gradually!
Vice: I thought you would understand. I guess I was wrong...

Aloser: I'm sorry, bro. I couldn't avenge your death...

(when Vice's HP is low)
Vice: This is looking bad. We have to retreat!
(flashes of light and sounds from the distance are heard)
Vice: What is that sound?

At this point, we see that the city of Rime is under attack. The Bacrum Army, supported by the Roslolians, is making its advance toward Walsta! As the Roslolians are slaughtering the citizens of Rime, the Zenobians appear to take them on. First up is Lans Hamilton, who gets into a duel against Barbas, one of the high-ranking Dark Knights. They start fighting, and we are brought back to the spot where Vice and Denim are.

Vice: I never thought Bacrum would begin the invasion so soon. I guess it is the end of the Duke's life. What can a corrupted Liberation Army do?
Denim: No, I will not allow it to end like that. I will not allow Bacrum to defeat us!
Vice: What do you mean? If you have any ideas, now is the time to show us. There isn't much time left. Can you really unite the Liberation Army?
Denim: Next time we meet...we're enemies...don't die until then.
Vice: You too. See you around, Denim.

(at this point, Denim and Vice run off in opposite directions))

Scene 21L: Amorika Castle

In the conference room, a messenger informs Duke Ronway that Denim has rebelled against him. Ronway is shocked to hear this, but he refuses to run away when the messenger suggests it, saying that Denim's chances of victory should not be overestimated. The Duke orders the messenger to go and kill Denim, and after the messenger leaves, Ronway says that he never thought he would be bitten by his own dog!

(at the castle's entrance)
Mordiart: Traitor! Who's side are you on, anyway? How dare you rebel against us in the midst of Walsta's crisis!
Denim: I'm not the traitor! This Liberation Army is a mockery of everything that the people believe in!! The Duke is no longer fit to lead the army. I'm the only one who can lead our people now!
Mordiart: Do you think you can replace the Duke so easily? You are nothing but a child!

Battle 20L: Amorika Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Mordiart (drops Necro)
Enemies: 3 Knights, 2 Valkyries, 2 Clerics, 1 Blue Dragon
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua
  • You don't get a chance to rest up before going in, so make sure that your characters have as much HP as possible before you kill Mordiart!

  • Each of the enemy Clerics has Heal+, and they will leave it behind when they are defeated.

Mordiart: You yourself, kid...! (dies)
Denim: We'll move in from the side of the castle. Don't kill anyone who doesn't resist!

(inside Amorika Castle)

Irvine: Shameless bastard! You forget how much you owe the Duke. A boy like you will lead this revolution to oblivion. I shall kill you with the sword that the Duke has bestowed to me!

Terror Knight
Battle 21L: Amorika

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Irvine (drops Fire Sword)
Enemies: 4 Berzerkers, 2 Wizards, 2 Valkyries
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua
  • In this battle, it is important for Denim to be at or near full HP. There's another surprise battle, and if you're not prepared you'll be sorry!

Irvine: Damn...I can't die here, I must see that the revolution succeeds...

Back in the conference room, Duke Ronway is pacing back and forth frantically when Leonard arrives. Thinking he is safe, the Duke informs Leonard about Denim's rebellion. Leonard informs the Duke that Rime has fallen to the Bacrum Army, and then suddenly kills Duke Ronway's messenger. At this point, Ronway seems to have realized Leonard's intentions--however, it is too late as Leonard closes in and kills him.

(back in the main hall)

Denim: (to soldier) Don't kill anyone who does not fight back. Just get them out of the castle.
Soldier: Yes, my lord. (leaves)
(Leonard enters)
Denim: Leonard...where's the Duke?
Leonard: ...Just as we had planned. Thanks to you.
Denim: So the Duke is dead...
Leonard: Now, it is your turn to die! (swings sword at Denim, knocking him down)
Denim: Leonard! What are you doing?
Leonard: You have done a great job. I appreciate that. All you have to do is take the blame for the Duke's death and die.
Denim: ...My death will solve everything?
Leonard: Yes, all you need to do is take the devoted your life to Walsta, even when you were called a traitor. You sacrificed your life for the Army. By being a martyr, you will have completed your mission. Your usefulness has finally worn out...
Kachua: What are you talking about?! Denim, don't listen to this nonsense! Just like Vice told us! Leonard is another one of those power-craving men who have sacrificed their own beliefs!
Leonard: Shut up, you bitch! You don't know anything! I'm not like Ronway!
Kachua: Stand up, Denim! You can't die here!
Leonard: (approaching Denim) I will never forget you...
(suddenly an arrow flies out of nowhere and hits Leonard, knocking him back--a familiar voice follows)
Vice: Come on, Denim! Don't you remember our promise?!
Leonard: Vice, why are you here? ...I see, a reunion. How, fight me!

Battle 22L: Amorika

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Leonard
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua, Vice
  • While this is a three-on-one battle, expect Leonard to defeat Kachua easily before heading for Denim. Vice is an invaluable ally in this battle, and will probably do most of the fighting against Leonard since Denim is somewhat weakened from the previous two battles. If you've spent most of your time training as an Exorcist, prepare for a very difficult battle!

(when Leonard's HP hits zero)
Leonard: You fought well, hero of Griate. ...This is the end... Finish me... And tell everybody that I was behind everything...
Denim: You were planning this from the beginning, weren't you? That is why you...
Leonard: My only plan was to kill you...but either way the Walsta Liberation Army will be united. Your death or my death... You should be able to join the Neo Walsta Liberation Ally have Vice said, nobles like the Duke and a dog like me...can't the Liberation Army. I don't think you need to finish me off. It's getting body is have become a...strong...good lad...please...take care...of your...(dies)

Ending Thought: Nobody knows what is wrong and what is right. Still, nobody can blame me. People are animals of sorrow who continue to make mistakes...

Chris: At this point, you will proceed to
Chapter Three of the Law Route.

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