Chapter Two, Lawful Route: Nobody should blame me


Three weeks have passed since the Baramus Massacre... As Duke Ronway expected, the Walsta Liberation Army is united and are determined to avenge the peoples' death in Baramus. They have successfully liberated several regions from the Gargastan government. Although the massacre created the unity of the Walstanians, it did not give enough impact to make the Anti-Barbatos groups revolt against the Gargastan government.

Due to the fact that Vice and his comrades, who are now participating in underground guerilla activity, had spread the truth to the Gargastans, the movement in Gargastan was not what Duke Ronway had expected. With each passing day, the Gargastan party solidified. On the border linewhere the Barnam Mountains lie, the war between Gargastan and Walsta has come to a total standstill. Duke Ronway knew he had to take Coritani Castle before the truth is revealed to his own army. He decided to take drastic measures. Denim was given the order to attack Coritani to rile the enemy. Denim went to Baramus...

Table of Contents

Scene 13L: Baramus Scene 19L: Tanmas Hill
Scene 14L: Zodo Marsh Scene 20L: Amorika Castle
Scene 15L: Ashton Scene 21L: Gruborza Plains
Scene 16L: Amorika Castle Scene 22L: Rime
Scene 17L: Ashton Scene 23L: Rime
Scene 18L: Fort Kadoriga Scene 24L: Amorika Castle

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