Chapter One: Are you telling me to stain my hands?


There was an island called Valeria on the Obello Ocean... Valeria has flourished as a trade port. But there was a constant struggle between the various ethnic groups. Each of them was trying to rule the entire island. Then there was one man who put the everlasting war to an end. His name was Dolgare, and he later became King of the island. King Dolgare united the island. He encouraged mixed marriages and set up an official religion. He tried to avoid hatred or arguments between the different ethnic groups. For half a century, Valeria flourished under Dolgare's reign. But the seeds of war were not completely destroyed...

After his death, Bishop Branta, the leader of the Bacrumese, dominated the aristocrat class. With his help, they declared the independence of the capital city of Heigm. Branta also signed a secret treaty with Lodis, a major country to the north, and received military support. Thus, he established Bacrum-Valeria. Branta wanted to rule the entire island, but the Dark Knight Lans Tartare vetoed Branta's idea. Lans did not want to waste the manpower by having a useless war. Lans was the leader of the Dark Knight Order of Roslolian. The order was sent by Lodis to watch over Branta. Branta had to accept this and gave up the invasion.

Southern Valeria, the only remaining territory, was split by two groups. One was called Gargastan, a major ethnic group which covers 70% of the population in Southern Valeria. There was a major nationalist movement led by Cardinal Barbatos. They declared war against the Walstanians, the other ethnic group that lived in Southern Valeria. The Gargastans then massacred the Walstanians. Duke Ronway became the leader of Walsta and fought against the Gargastans. But half a year later, Walsta lost the war. Cardinal Barbatos established the Gargastan Kingdom and declared the termination of the internal dispute between Walsta. However, the oppression of Walstanians never ceased...

The remaining Walstanians resisted the Gargastan Kingdom's oppression. But even that movement subsided when Duke Ronway was captured and imprisoned. Most people were desperate and moved into a Walsta self-governing district that the Gargastans provided. Thus the national dispute in Valeria had settled down. Little did the people know that that was only a temporary peace...

Table of Contents

Scene 1: Griate Scene 7: Rime
Scene 2: Amorika Castle Scene 8: Fiduc Castle
Scene 3: Tanmas Hill Scene 9: Amorika Castle
Scene 4: Krizar Scene 10: Bordo Lakeside
Scene Alpha: Fort Kadoriga Scene 11: Zodo Marsh
Scene 5: Amorika Castle Scene 12: Baramus
Scene 6: Gruborza Plains

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