Chapter Two: Just because things don't turn out like you expected, I won't give up.

Table of Contents

Introduction Scene 19C: Fort Damsa
Scene 13C: Ashton Scene 20C: Griate
Scene 14C: Zodo Marsh Scene 21C: Fort Bodo
Scene 15C: Bordo Lakeside Scene Beta: Coritani Castle
Scene 16C: Tanmas Hill Scene 22C: Rime
Scene 17C: Krizar Scene 23C: Gruborza Plains
Scene 18C: Fort Kadoriga Scene 24C: Amorika Castle


Three weeks have passed since the Baramus Massacre... The tragic incident caused the Walstanians to unite and urge anti-Barbatos groups in the Gargastan Kingdom to revolt. The Gargastan government is divided into two factions: the Anti-Barbatos and the Pro-Barbatos. Barbatos tried to eliminate those that were opposing him, but the Walsta Liberation Army led by Duke Ronway liberated a city close to the capital. The Cardinal then had to fight to retake Coritani Castle. Since the Gargastan government was in disarray, the number of people enlisting in the Walsta Liberation Army tripled. It is only a matter of time before Coritani Castle surrenders.

Meanwhile, Duke Ronway plotted to make Denim responsible for the massacre. Now Denim has a bounty on his head. The Walsta Liberation Army and a lot of bounty hunters are after Denim. He is hiding in the port town of Ashton...

Scene 13C: Ashton

We begin the Chapter with Denim and Kachua hiding out in a house in the port town of Ashton. Kachua is trying to comfort Denim, who is blaming himself for not being able to prevent the Baramus Massacre. Kachua suddenly suggests that the two of them leave Valeria; however, Denim rejects that suggestion, saying that they must avenge their father's death, and that they cannot let the people who died in Baramus die in vain.

Canopus suddenly enters the room and shows Denim a bounty poster--apparently Duke Ronway has raised the bounty on Denim's head to 30,000 Goth. Canopus explains the notion of "relativity" in war--each side thinks that they're the "good guys" and that enemies are the "bad guys." There is no absolute right or wrong. Canopus tells Denim that he has no choice but to win, and that he shouldn't brood over his failures. Furthermore, Canopus delivers the news that the Walsta Liberation Army is gathered in the Swanzi Forest, preparing to launch the final attack against Coritani Castle; Duke Ronway has all but won. He also mentions that he heard a rumor that Holy Knight Lans is on Tanmas Hill, and that this would be the perfect time to go there since most of the Liberation Army is in the Swanzi Forest and not by Amorika Castle. Denim decides that it is time to move, and prepares to leave Ashton.

Of course, as soon as he hits the outskirts of Ashton, he is confronted by a group from the Walsta Liberation Army...

Aloser: You're Denim! I have been looking for you. You will die!!
Denim: A bounty hunter?! I can't afford to lose my head yet. Sorry...
Aloser: I'm not a bounty hunter. I'm paying you back for what you did in Baramus!
Denim: A survivor of Baramus! Hold on, and listen to my story!
Aloser: You son of a bitch!! Shut up! I will avenge the death of my brother!

Battle 12C: Ashton

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Aloser
Enemies: 2 Hawk Men, 1 Cleric, 1 Witch, 1 Knight, 1 Soldier
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua

  • Aloser is very strong, and it is very likely that you will lose a character or two. Try and avoid this by bringing your strongest characters and a good healer, and keep the healer as far from Aloser as possible. It may be to your benefit to focus all of your attacks on Aloser and end the battle as quickly as possible.

  • The enemy Cleric has Vitalize, and will drop it if you kill her. Alternatively, you can try and persuade her--however, that may be very difficult to do while Aloser's running around!

Denim: Wait! I did not kill the people of Baramus! I was there, but I tried to stop the massacre!
Aloser: Do I look that stupid to you?! Why did you betray Walsta?!

Aloser: My brother injured his foot while working in the mines. He couldn't even walk. And yet you guys...
Denim: Duke Ronway was the one who gave the order to kill everybody in Baramus. It was not the Gargastans!
Aloser: Now you are blaming our great leader! How dare you!
Kachua: It's no use. She will not listen. We will have to fight.

(after you've gotten Aloser to critical HP)
Aloser: ...I guess this is it. I'm sorry, bro. I failed to avenge you... (to Denim) Go ahead, kill me! Kill me like you did to the rest!
Denim: At this point, I can do whatever I want with you. But, I won't take your life.
Aloser: Wha-what do you mean? It's no use to take me prisoner.
Denim: No...I want to prove to you that I'm innocent. I want you to see me with your own eyes and listen to me with your own ears. You must know the truth. After that, if you still think I'm the enemy, then I'll let you take my life.
Aloser: You can't deceive whatever you want.
Denim: ...Very well.

Scene 14C: Zodo Marsh

Zapan: It must be my lucky day! I just found 30,000 Goth!
Kachua: He doesn't look like much of a bounty hunter. He's kind of flabby around the mid-section...
Zapan: Ha, ha, ha. What a feisty one! If I were you, I would watch that tongue of yours! But don't worry, I won't hurt you. I will spare your life, sweetheart. I will take "good" care of you. (laughs) Well, shall we begin? (to his troops) Hey, don't let them get away!

Battle 13C: Zodo Marsh

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zapan
Enemies: 2 Amazons, 2 Hawk Men, 2 Lizard Men, 1 Blue Dragon
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua
  • While this battle isn't overly difficult, you are probably at a slight disadvantage. Zapan's team is pretty mobile in this watery stage, and most (if not all) of the enemies are equipped with bows, enabling them to attack you from afar. None of them have any special equipment, so feel free to focus all of your attacks on Zapan to end the battle.

(after you get Zapan to critical HP)
Zapan: Shit, I underestimated you. How stupid of me! I shall retreat for now. (escapes)

Scene 15C: Bordo Lakeside

Genzo: Don't they belong to the Liberation Army? Damn it, there's no place to run away... Wait a second. You look familiar...I saw you on a reward poster in Walsta. So you're the kid who wiped out Baramus! You sneaky little cretin! You blamed us for your own evil deeds! I will send you to Hell! (swings claw)

Battle 14C: Bordo Lakeside

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Genzo (drops Matou Claw)
Enemies: 2 Berzerkers, 2 Archers, 2 Hawk Men, 1 Octopus, 1 Golem
Union: Gargastan Kingdom
Guests: Kachua
  • One of the enemy Archers has a Crossbow. You can't buy this anywhere yet, and it makes a good weapon for a close-range attacker like a Knight--get it if you can!

Genzo: Wh-why do I have to die here...this is the end...arghh!

Scene 16C: Tanmas Hill

(Denim arrives with Kachua and Aloser)
Denim: This is odd. Nobody's here. I wonder why they went to Swanzi Forest?
(walks forward, but suddenly stops after seeing a figure in the shadows)
Denim: ...You are...!
(Vice walks out of the shadows)
Vice: Long time no see, Denim. Glad to see you again. I was worried that you got killed by one of those bounty hunters. I'm glad you are still alive.
Kachua: What are you doing here? Where's Lans?
Aloser: Vice? What are you doing here? I thought you were at the Swanzi Forest!
Vice: Aloser? I thought you were dead. You bitch! You turned your back on us! Can't you tell who's going to win the war?
Aloser: No, you misunderstood. I just...
Denim: Why are you here, Vice? Where's Sir Lans?
Vice: (laughing) What an idiot! Can't you see you've been suckered again? I didn't think you would believe the information I leaked. But thanks to your stupidity, it worked well. Your beloved Zenobian is not here. I guess he's getting drunk at the old town of Rime with some woman.
(Vice's supporting troops appear)
Vice: I will not let you go. I'm going to kill you both. You're nothing but a nuisance. Besides, the Duke ordered us to kill all the witnesses of Baramus.
Aloser: !!!
Vice: That goes for you too, Aloser. I can't let you tell anybody what really happened.
Aloser: You, Vice? Then you were there in Baramus!
Vice: Yeah, with your lover Leonard. ...You didn't know anything about this? You weren't told anything?
Aloser: No...what a disaster! Is it really worth it? Do you really want to win that badly?
Vice: You shouldn't have known this, but it's too late now. You can't live with a guy whose hand is stained with blood. It would be better for you to die here.
(Denim calls his troops)
Vice: Kill them all! Spare no one!

Battle 15C: Tanmas Hill

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Vice
Enemies: 2 Knights, 1 Witch, 2 Beast Tamers, 1 Red Dragon, 1 Gryphon
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua, Aloser

Denim: Pull your troops back, Vice! Why do we have to fight like this?!
Vice: You disobeyed an order. You're a traitor!
Denim: Who in the world would allow himself to butcher innocent people?!
Vice: I would... I would sacrifice a thousand more lives to create a better future for our people.
Denim: Vice... You're hopeless...

Aloser: I shall avenge my brother's death. Even if I have to kill you, Leonard!

(after Vice is at critical HP)
Vice: This is looking bad. We have to retreat. (troops retreat) Denim! You can't go back to Ashton! I've already blocked the road! Surrendering will not help you, because I'm going to kill you! (Vice escapes)
Aloser: Vice, you bastard! Are you going to run away from us?! Go ahead, try it. I'll follow you to Hell and back. You will pay for what you did in Baramus! (pause) Denim, I must apologize...from now on, my life is yours...
Denim: We will retreat before the enemy's reinforcements arrive. Let's head to Krizar.

Join up!


Scene 17C: Krizar

(a group of Knights from the Walsta Liberation Army have a Knight in captivity)
Ganashe: Here comes the Hero of Griate. Vice was right. (to the Knight being held captive) So you're one of Denim's men.
Knight: .........
Ganashe: (to Denim) Look, we have one of your Knights captive. Too bad.
Denim: Who is he? Do you recognize him, Kachua?
Kachua: No, I've never seen him before. You never send anyone on scouting missions.
Ganashe: (to his troops, who are holding the Knight) Take him away! (they do)
Ganashe: (to Denim) This is where you will die you traitor!

Battle 16C: Krizar

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Ganashe
Enemies: 6 Knights, 1 Wizard
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua
  • Two of the enemy Knights have Slender Spears. You can't buy these anywhere, and they'd make nice presents for any Valkyries you may have! You'll probably need to persuade the Knights if you want their Slender Spears.

Ganashe: I-I can't believe it, defeated by a traitor...

Inside a building, Denim and Kachua talk to the Knight that they just rescued. His name is Forcas, and he is a member of the Valeria Liberation Front just like Sisteena. Denim says that he and Kachua are in a rush to get to Rime to find Sir Lans, and Forcas suggests that they go by ship, since it is likely to be a dangerous trip on land. Forcas and his comrades had a ship, but it was taken by pirates. Forcas asks Denim to help him rescue his comrades from the pirates, who have set up a base at Fort Kadoriga. In return for his help, Forcas promises to use his ship to take Denim and Kachua to Rime. So for now, it's off to Fort Kadoriga to deal with the pirates...

Scene 18: Fort Kadoriga

(when Denim and his comrades arrive, they see a wizard being surrounded by a group of pirates)
Dasa: (to Forcas) Back again? You're a fool. No matter how many men you bring, you'll never defeat us. We've been raised by the mighty Obello Ocean.
Forcas: Byan! Are you okay? We will rescue you!
Byan: Forcas, why did you come back?! You should've left me behind!
Dasa: Ugh, kill the old man as well. I don't care. But don't kill the girl. We can sell her for a high price.

Battle 17C: Fort Kadoriga

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Dasa (drops Guard Whip)
Enemies: 2 Soldiers, 2 Ninjas, 1 Amazon, 1 Cockatrice
Union: Pirate
Guests: Kachua, Forcas, Byan
  • Byan may seem to be suicidal, but you definitely want to rescue him. You'll need to in order to get Sisteena later on. Byan is on a fixed level, but the enemies aren't--the lower your characters levels are, the greater advantage he'll have against the enemy.

  • One of the ways you can save Byan from an attack is to have Canopus and your characters with spells use them on the enemy Ninja that is closest to you. If you get his HP low and Byan's turn comes up, he'll go to finish off the Ninja instead of running into the heat of battle. If you kill the Ninja, then you obviously don't have to worry about him attacking Byan!

  • Even though you may be in a rush to kill Dasa in order to save Byan, you definitely want to kill the enemy Cockatrice. It drops the Undead Ring, which will allow you to turn one of your high-level magicians into a Lich later on.

Dasa: I can't believe this...Veldo...forgive me...

Once the pirates are defeated, Forcas will get his ship back and will offer to take Denim and Kachua to Rime as he promised. If Byan survived the battle, he will mention that Sisteena has been taken hostage by the pirates. Kachua's initial reaction is to refuse to help with the rescue mission, since time is of the essence for her and Denim. Forcas will echo Kachua's sentiments, as he must keep his promises as a Knight. Out of desperation, Byan asks Denim if he would be willing to take a three-day detour to help rescue Sisteena.

If Denim refuses, Byan will storm away and attempt to rescue Sisteena alone; if he agrees to help out, Byan will thank him and direct him to Fort Damsa, the location of the pirates' hideout.

Scene 19C: Fort Damsa

Note: If you refuse to help rescue Sisteena, you'll skip this scene and go directly to the next one.

(Denim and his comrades arrive at Fort Damsa, where a group of pirates is waiting)
Veldo: Are you the one who killed my husband? Sure, he was over-weight, but he was still my husband and the father of my unborn child...
Forcas: Set Sisteena free! If you value your life, it would be wise to...
Veldo: Shut up asshole! Before you get to her, you'll have to go through me! Dasa was my husband! Don't underestimate me just because I'm a woman! I will avenge the death of my husband!

Battle 18C: Fort Damsa

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Veldo
Enemies: 3 Amazons, 2 Archers, 1 Witch
Union: Pirate
Guests: Kachua, Forcas, Byan
  • Be weary of the fact that Veldo and her Archers are equipped with bows, and are positioned high atop the fortress. They'll be able to attack your characters from quite a distance, which could be particularly bad news for Byan if you let him rush in alone. You don't have to save Sisteena in battle, but keep an eye on Byan!

Veldo: Dear...where are you...? I'll soon join you with our baby...

After the battle, Denim and Forcas will find and free Sisteena. She will thank Denim for saving her life a second time. Forcas in particular is very happy that Sisteena is safe, and things get a bit sentimental before Kachua breaks it all up, reminding Forcas that she and Denim have to get to Rime as soon as possible. Byan suggests that they stop by Fort Bodo, a primary base of the Valeria Liberation Front, on the way, and Sisteena and Forcas agree. So it seems as if it's off to Fort Bodo now!

Scene 20C: Griate

(in the city, Denim and his comrades are surrounded by bounty hunters)
Dagon: Y-you are Denim! How did you break through the blockade? Never mind! This will be your grave! That 30,000 Goth is as good as mine.

Battle 19C: Griate

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Dagon (drops Necro)
Enemies: 1 Red Dragon, 1 Earth Dragon, 1 Archer, 1 Knight, 1 Wizard
Union: Bounty Hunter
Guests: Kachua, Forcas, Byan, Sisteena
  • Note that Byan and Sisteena will only be guests in this battle if you agreed to help rescue Sisteena after saving Byan at Fort Kadoriga.

  • Be careful of the Dragons, and watch your guests--in particular, the Earth Dragon's Poison attack can be really bad news!

Dagon: Damn it, if I only had 30,000 Goth...I could've saved my daughter's life.

Scene 21C: Fort Bodo

When Denim and his group arrive at Fort Bodo, they are greeted by a soldier of the Valeria Liberation Front that is standing guard. At first the soldier prepares to attack, but soon realizes that he shouldn't do that. If Sisteena, Forcas, or Byan are in your party at this time, one of them will calm the guard down.

Inside the fort, Denim and Kachua meet Sisteena's sister Selye, who is the leader of the Valeria Liberation Front. Selye scolds Sisteena for bringing Denim and Kachua to the hideout, but Sisteena explains that it was them that saved her from the pirates. Sisteena says that she wants to stop Selye from carrying out her crazy plan, but Selye refuses to listen. Kachua asks what the plan is, and Selye tells her to shut up--Sisteena then says that the Valeria Liberation Front is planning to assassinate Duke Ronway. Selye yells at Sisteena for informing Denim and Kachua of their plan, but Sisteena says that killing the Duke will not solve anything. Selye then outlines her plan, which involves killing Ronway so that Bacrum invades Walsta. Once the Bacrumese forces defeat the Walstanians, the guerillas would assassinate Branta, the ruler of the Bacrum region. At that point, true peace would return to Valeria...

Kachua asks Selye if she thinks the plan will really work, and Selye claims that it will. She invites Denim and Kachua to join in the plan, stating that it would be a better alternative to living in hiding as a fugitive. Sisteena says that Selye's plan will not work, and that she does not want to see Valeria rebuilt on a foundation of blood. At this time a Soldier enters, bearing the news that Coritani Castle has fallen and that Cardinal Barbatos has been executed. Selye is determined to carry out her plan and kill Duke Ronway before he gains full power over the Gargastans, and Sisteena tries to talk some sense into her once again. After yet another failure, Sisteena becomes frustrated and storms out of the room. Selye tells Denim that Sisteena is not a revolutionary because she is not willing to stain her hands to achieve victory. She asks Denim to take care of Sisteena and help her in any way that he can. Denim leaves the room after Sisteena and finds her outside, gazing off into the horizon. Sisteena says that Selye is wrong, and that her sister will become what she is trying to destroy. She says that she does not believe that Valeria should be built upon the blood of innocent people...

At this point, it's Denim's call:

Denim:1. Join us.
2. Be practical.

If you choose (2) Sisteena will call Denim a coward and say that she never wants to see him again.
If you choose (1) Sisteena will say that she thinks that she and Denim have a lot in common, and will join along with Forcas and Byan.

For the sake of completeness, you'll have a different set of statements to choose from if Forcas or Byan is standing outside (in the event that Sisteena is dead). Forcas (or Byan) will say that they can't join Denim because they are Bacrumese, therefore making them Denim's enemy. To this, Denim says:

Denim:1. I don't care.
2. Bacrum's not the enemy.

If you choose (2), Forcas and/or Byan will join you.
If you choose (1) they will not join.

Join up!

Join up!


Join up!


Scene Beta: Coritani Castle

Required Conditions: Any time after the events at Fort Bodo, go into the Warren Report and read the News event "Death of Barbatos." There, you will have the option of viewing the scene.

(in the courtyard of Coritani Castle, there is a crowd gathered around a guillotine, which has Cardinal Barbatos in it)

Duke Ronway says to the Gargastan people that it is time to execute Cardinal Barbatos and end the era of darkness which they have been living in. A Gargastan youth yells to Barbatos, saying that he deserves to be executed for the way he has treated the Gargastans. An old woman tells Ronway to kill Barbatos for killing her son, and an old man calls Barbatos a "child molesting tyrant" and tells him to go to Hell. Ronway asks Barbatos if he realizes that he is hated by his own people, but Barbatos remains silent.

Ronway addresses the Gargastan and Walstanian people in the crowd, declaring that they will live in harmony after the Cardinal's death. He steps down, and a Priest arrives (who is actually an Exorcist), followed by an executioner (who is actually a Beast Tamer). The Priest asks Barbatos if he has any last words, and Barbatos says that the war is the people's fault, not his! They made him declare the war!

Ronway tells Barbatos to shut up and stop blaming others for his crimes; to this, the Cardinal warns Ronway that he has not won the people over. They will manipulate him, just as they did to Barbatos, and the Duke of Walsta will soon follow him on the guillotine. At this point Ronway has heard enough, and he orders the executioner to kill Barbatos. As the executioner readies the guillotine, Barbatos laughs at Ronway. Our view ends here, and we hear the blade fall and the Cardinal's head roll...

Scene 22C: Rime

Denim and Kachua arrive in Rime, and begin to look for Lans. Just as Denim announces that the coast is clear, Zapan appears out of nowhere.

Denim: You're Zapan!
Zapan: This must be my lucky day. I never expected to see you here.
Kachua: Damn! You again? Why do these things always happen to me?
Zapan: Come on, be nice. Let's be friends... he, he, he...
(Zapan's troops surround Denim and Kachua)
Denim: Is this another trap?!
Zapan: Not today...that's why today is my lucky day. Before that damn Knight from Zenobia appears, I'll have your heads. (to his troops) I want them dead!!

Battle 20C: Rime

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zapan
Enemies: 2 Witches, 2 Hawk Men, 2 Lizard Men, 1 Thunder Dragon, 1 Blue Dragon
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
Guests: Kachua
  • This can be a very difficult battle, especially if Denim is on a lower level. Denim and Kachua are stuck in the heat of battle while all of Denim's troops are somewhat far from it. Unless you're extremely over-leveled, your best strategy is to have Denim run away immediately and get to his troops. The enemy will probably focus most of their attacks on Kachua, and she will most likely not make it to the end of the battle. She's got an Escape Jewel though, so she'll simply flee from the battlefield. Denim however, won't be so lucky--retreat, and then regroup and attack!

Zapan: Shit, you're strong. Man, I should have given up while I was ahead!
(suddenly, a loud noise is heard from afar)
Zapan: Huh?! What's that noise?

At this point, we see that the city of Rime is under attack. The Bacrum Army, supported by the Roslolians, is making its advance toward Walsta! As the Roslolians are slaughtering the citizens of Rime, the Zenobians appear to take them on. First up is Lans Hamilton, who gets into a duel against Barbas, one of the high-ranking Dark Knights.

At this time, we go back to where Denim and Zapan were fighting. Zapan is nowhere to be found, until Denim hears Kachua scream. During the commotion, Zapan had snuck behind Kachua and has now taken her hostage! Zapan tells Denim that he is taking Kachua to Amorika Castle, and that if he wants to rescue her, he should follow. Zapan leaves with Kachua, and Denim goes to follow him when another one of the high-ranking Dark Knights, Martym, appears.

Martym is about to attack Denim when Guildus appears. Guildus tells Denim to go after Kachua while he takes care of Martym. Martym goes to attack Guildus, but the White Knight knocks him down with his shield; he then tells Denim again to hurry up and go before Martym gets up. Denim goes, and as he is leaving he hears Martym unleash a powerful attack against Guildus...

Scene 23C: Gruborza Plains

Ramidos: What do we have here?! It's the lad that is worth 30,000 Goth! I've been a bounty hunter for so long that I have become jaded. But I guess Zapan was telling the truth. I hate to do this to you kid, but I have bills to pay. Sorry...

Battle 21C: Gruborza Plains

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Ramidos (drops Revivify)
Enemies: 3 Ninjas, 2 Clerics, 2 Witches
Union: Bounty Hunter
  • As a Summoner, Ramidos has the power to call forth undead characters. It would be wise to prepare yourself for this by bringing Presance or another Exorcist that you may have.

  • Given that Ramidos can summon many Skeletons, it might be a good idea for you to try and persuade some of them because the next battle at Amorika is a real slug-fest!

  • One of the enemy Witches has SlowMove , which you may want to pick up to really slow Zapan down in the next battle. The Witch doesn't always drop it, so you'll most likely have to persuade her to get the spell.

Ramidos: I guess I'm not as fast as I used to be...defeated by a kid like you...

Meanwhile, at Coritani Castle...

One of the Walsta Liberation Army's troops delivers the news to Duke Ronway that Rime is under attack by the Bacrum Army. Ronway starts to panic, but the soldier tells him that the city has not fallen yet thanks to the Zenobians. Ronway tells the soldier to call Leonard, but the soldier reminds him that Leonard had already left for Amorika. The Duke then asks the soldier to dispatch a messenger to him and to prepare a fast and strong horse for him. The soldier leaves to fulfill his duties, and Ronway wonders what Lodis is up to--did they think that the non-intervention treaty was to be terminated just because the Cardinal is dead?

Scene 24C: Amorika Castle

(outside of the castle)
Zapan: Good boy! I knew you would make it. I knew Ramidos was no match for you.
Denim: Zapan, where is Kachua?!
Zapan: She's in the castle. If you want her back, you're gonna have to do it the hard way.

Battle 22C: Amorika Entrance

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Zapan
Enemies: 2 Ninjas, 5 Knights, 2 Golems
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
  • The roughest part of this battle is Zapan and the 5 Knights--together, they can really wreak havoc on your team members! The best way to approach this is to either try to systematically take out one enemy at a time or focus all of your attacks straight on Zapan. A slight warning--you want to make sure that Denim finishes this battle in the best possible condition, as he's got a one-on-one fight to do next...

Zapan: Damn! I can't believe this is happening... (to Denim) Stay back! Or else I'll...(escapes)
Denim: Stop!!! Bring back my sister, you bastard!!

(inside the castle, Denim finds Zapan down on the floor in front of Vice)

Denim: Zapan! Vice what are you...?!
Zapan: (to Vice) Y-you...traitor! What are you doing?!
Vice: (to Zapan) Stupid retard! You have to use the hostages in an efficient way! (Vice slays Zapan) (to Denim) Now it's your turn, Denim.
Denim: Vice, where is my sister?!
(a soldier appears, dragging Kachua along as a hostage)
Kachua: Denim!
Denim: Vice! Release my sister!
Vice: I will. After I split your body in half!
Denim: Are you serious, Vice? We were fr...
Vice: Shut up and fight me! One on one!

Battle 23C: Amorika

Objective: Kill the leader!
Leader: Vice
Union: Walsta Liberation Army
  • This is one of the few one-on-one battles that you'll find in Tactics Ogre, and the difficulty of this battle will depend on what you've done with Denim. If you've trained him to be a physical fighter, you will probably have a pretty easy time with him; if you've trained Denim to be a Wizard, you'll likely have more difficulty with him.

Denim: Why do we have to fight, Vice?!
Vice: Why you? Why does everyone like you? Since we were kids, everyone liked you, but not me. I was always the outcast! Do you know why? Damn it! It's because of my father! Your father was a respected priest, but my father was just a scrubby alcoholic. Plus, he used to always beat me! Still, everyone just hated me! I'm nothing like my father, nor do I want to always had it easier!
Denim: But, I still treated you like my own brother!

Denim: We were best friends! What has happened to us?
Vice: That's what you thought! I hate you! It's not fair...people loved you. You had a great father and a beautiful sister...
Denim: She thinks of you as family as well!
Vice: No, she doesn't! You don't know anything!! She only has you on her mind. She doesn't care about me! Can't you see?! Kachua didn't even love your father. She only loves you!
Denim: It's not too late to fix everything. Let's be friends like we used to be!
Vice: Don't try to bend the truth! You're a traitor! I have my own comrades now. Even Duke Ronway and Leonard believe in me.
Denim: That is not true! They are taking advantage of you! Once they are done with you, they will kill you!
Vice: You're such a baby!! They're not taking advantage of me! I'm the one who is taking advantage of them! I'm the one using them for my own benefit!

(When Vice gets to critical HP, Leonard suddenly enters)
Leonard: Stop this! Both of you!
(Denim and Vice approach Leonard)
Vice: Leonard, why are you stopping me?!
Leonard: Don't you know what's going on?! Relax Vice!
Vice: You were the one who said to kill him! Why did you stop...
Leonard: Listen to me! Denim, you too! The city of Rime has fallen! The Bacrum Army is coming this way!
Denim: No!!! What happened to Sir Lans? This can't be happening...!
Leonard: We don't know what happened to the Holy Knight! He is either dead or he could have escaped. Anyway, this is not the time to fight between our own people. Let me explain... Denim, obey the Duke. We will forget about the past! Come fight with us against Bacrum!
Vice: This is bullshit! I'm not talking to this traitor!
Leonard: Quit acting like a baby, Vice. Why can't you listen to me?! Denim, what do you plan to do? No, you don't have to tell me... No matter how sacred the ideal may be, if it is not achieved, then it is meaningless. Do you want your ideals to end up as a dream? Weren't you supposed to avenge your father's death? Come, join us.

Denim:1. There's no time.
2. I can't go back.

Denim: I can't go back. You're the same as're blinded by the Duke's words. You're nothing but a slave to the system!
Leonard: Then what are you going to do?! Do you really think you can do any better?
Denim: I'm not that ambitious. I'm just trying to fix things... I just can't believe people do not have their own dreams, and base everything on just what they see.
Leonard: People will kill each other over a loaf of bread. They only fight for their own selfish reasons. War will never cease from this world. Unless human nature changes, war will always be around. Our duty is to watch and control those people and create a world of order.
Denim: I don't understand. I can't believe what you're saying. What should I believe? What am I fighting for? What are you...?
Leonard: I understand. I will give you time to think about it. Think about it. Now go, Denim! Take Kachua and get away from this castle.
Vice: Leonard, what's the meaning of this?!
Leonard: Go and see the world with your own eyes. See the world as it really is! What you're looking for is not here and no one else can find it for you. Go and find out for yourself. When you don't find what you're looking for, then come back to us. I will be waiting for you. Go now!
Denim: I will never lose hope! I shall not be defeated by my own fears! (leaves)
Vice: Wait, Denim!
Leonard: Leave him alone! Unless he finds the truth for himself, nothing will change his mind.
Vice: You'll regret it later if you don't kill him now! Are you sure it's okay?
Leonard: When the time comes, I will kill him. (leaves)
Vice: ...I will be the one to kill him.

Denim: There's no time. The true enemy is Bacrum...
Leonard: Great! That is the way of a true hero.
Vice: This is a joke! Are you guys serious?! I'm not going to allow this. No way!! (storms out)
Denim: Wait, Vice!
Leonard: Leave him alone. We have to see Duke Ronway!
Denim: Vice...


Aloser: I have my own ideals, don't push yours on me.

Aloser has left the party...

Ending Thought: Am I too young to realize reality?

Chris: Whether or not you accepted Leonard's invitation to rejoin the Walsta Liberation Army determines which path you will follow in the game.

If you chose not to go back to the Liberation Army, you will go on to
Chapter Three of the Chaos Route.

If you accepted Leonard's invitation, you will go on to Chapter Three of the Neutral Route.

Alternatively, you can choose to go back to the Valeria Page.