Chapter Two, Chaotic Route: Just because things don't turn out like you expected, I won't give up.


Three weeks have passed since the Baramus Massacre... The tragic incident caused the Walstanians to unite and urge anti-Barbatos groups in the Gargastan Kingdom to revolt. The Gargastan government is divided into two factions: the Anti-Barbatos and the Pro-Barbatos. Barbatos tried to eliminate those that were opposing him, but the Walsta Liberation Army led by Duke Ronway liberated a city close to the capital. The Cardinal then had to fight to retake Coritani Castle. Since the Gargastan government was in disarray, the number of people enlisting in the Walsta Liberation Army tripled. It is only a matter of time before Coritani Castle surrenders.

Meanwhile, Duke Ronway plotted to make Denim responsible for the massacre. Now Denim has a bounty on his head. The Walsta Liberation Army and a lot of bounty hunters are after Denim. He is hiding in the port town of Ashton...

Table of Contents

Scene 13C: Ashton Scene 20C: Griate
Scene 14C: Zodo Marsh Scene 21C: Fort Bodo
Scene 15C: Bordo Lakeside Scene Beta: Coritani Castle
Scene 16C: Tanmas Hill Scene 22C: Rime
Scene 17C: Krizar Scene 23C: Gruborza Plains
Scene 18C: Fort Kadoriga Scene 24C: Amorika Castle
Scene 19C: Fort Damsa

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